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From vintage sound effects to custom animated transitions, you can find everything we released during this year's Free Week here.

I think we all agree that one of the most tedious (and annoying) things you can do as a video editor is to take the time (which you don't have) to create assets yourself. Sure, we'll always need them, but we rarely have the budget or creative energy to make them ourselves. And that's exactly why PremiumBeat's annual free week exists – to save you time and money.

While this year's Free Week for video editors had a shockingly large selection of great goodies to give away – sound effects, customizable titles, completely unique fonts – if I had to look back at the 2020 Freebie Fest, it would be an issue for animated text. Have you downloaded yours yet? If not, now is your chance.

Let's take a look at all of this year's free assets and packs in one place. Download!

15 free textured transitions for Premiere Pro

There are a handful of different styles in this pack – ripped paper, wobbly zebra stripes, scribbled pencil, and the classic standard towels with a paper-like texture. Just fun, professional looking transitions that, as you know, are completely free. Using these files is as easy as dragging and dropping the .mogrt files into the Essential Graphics Panel. From there, you can adjust the transitions to whatever color, size, and texture you want. We also added the After Effects project file so you can tweak the animations even further.

Compatible with: Premiere Pro & After Effects


10 free texture title animations

As video editors, we always need new and unique animated titles. This ten-title free pack looks pretty simple, but it's a little more complicated than you might think, thanks to multiple levels of customization options. You can remove the backgrounds and control the texture in the titles. Basically, you are not committed to any kind of rough vintage look. You can sort of tidy it up.

To edit and customize these elements, go to the Essential Graphics Panel and click the Edit column. This will bring up all of the options you need to customize the size and color of the template. If you want to get the included font from the trailer, you'll need to install it before bringing the .mogrts into Premiere.

NOTE: You must have the latest versions of BOTH Premiere and After Effects installed to use these transitions. They won't work without After Effects installed.

Compatible with: Premiere Pro & After Effects


25 free unique vintage sound effects

Are you working on a project that requires a specific analog sound aesthetic? We're here for you with this pack of scratches, growls, risers and general ambience. These are perfect for filling in blanks in your edits and adding to key sounds you may need to move your story forward. Whether you want to create a threatening feeling by adding puffiness and static, or just want to nail down vintage vibes, this free pack is for you.

Compatible with: Any NLE available


Free animated hand painted fonts for your video

What's better than a really custom, free, animated font? Nothing. In the truest sense of the word, nothing. We try to include at least one free animated font per free week. This could be the best yet. This font comes in two weights – heavier / thicker and lighter / thinner – both of which can be easily adjusted in your editing software. You can of course change the size and color, but you can also customize them further by using them with one of our previous freebies. Find out more about the giveaway past here: 21 FREE hand-painted brush stroke motion graphics

When would you use this animated font? If you can't tell from the trailer, it's a fun, energetic font made for fast-paced, exciting videos. If you're working on something with a lighter shade that looks homemade rather than computer generated, this free bundle is for you. If you're an After Effects user we added the project file that allows you to adjust the number of animated loops.

Compatible with: Premiere Pro, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro X.


18 free animated grainy textures

Tired of using standard swipe transitions in Premiere? I'm sure your customers are a little over it, too. This is why we created these easily customizable structured transitions that are completely original for your project. In terms of what the textures actually look like, there is everything from card stock to fabric to wrinkled notebook paper, brown bags and so much more.

Do they have to be a different color than white? No problem. Just use the Hue Tool and change the color to suit the aesthetic or theme of your video. This free pack of animated grainy textures includes:

  • 18 animated texture video files (h.264), each about 5 seconds long
  • 18+ still images of all textures (.jpg)

Compatible with: Premiere Pro, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro X.


Interested in past free weeks? See the list below for summaries of all the assets we have issued. There's something perfect for literally any type of video project that you could be working on. Enjoy!


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