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Stephen King, one of America's most successful writers, once said that talent is cheaper than table salt. According to him, a lot of hard work separates successful people from just talented people.

Why is talent not enough to put people in the spotlight?

Talent is like flowers in a child's room; You need a lot of weeding, care to bloom. Hard work and commitment are necessary to turn talent into “success overnight”.

At the Rain danceWe have carefully selected some of the best filmmaking courses, certifications and events to improve your skills, improve your talent and bring you to the peak of your career. After studying several successful filmmakers for some time, we analyzed their strategies and their success story. We have tailored this specifically for the following film courses.

Best film courses

15 minutes with Elliot Grove

You'll find it hard to find a better film producer in the Canadian-born Elliot Grove league. This award-winning filmmaker has three decades of experience. He has given lectures on practically every continent. This course allows you to benefit from his wealth of experience when he shares sustainable tips For the film industry the secret of a successful film career and so on in fifteen minutes.

Marketing and selling your film

Marketing and Sales Your film is a different fish kettle and there is an art. Buy this course and learn the secret of making a fortune from movie sales. You will learn the basics of film marketing, how to make money with your films, how to choose the best sales and marketing agents for your films, etc.

In short, this course will familiarize you with the business side of filmmaking. Investors, With a great interest in filmmaking, this course will be very useful.

Documentary Foundation Certificate

Learn at the feet of the multi-award winning and world-renowned documentary expert Col Spector while demystifying how to make high quality documentaries. Students are taught the eight commandments to create first-class qualities that broadcasters like.

Spector will unveil the unique techniques he has developed over the years that have made him an indispensable asset for broadcasters like BBC, Channel 4 and Discovery.

At the end of this detailed course, you would have acquired the A to Z of the documentary, and Spector would have won a competitor in you.

Deep Characterization Workshop

The characterization can make or damage your film. A good plot without deep characters that add glamor will rob your film of the awards it deserves. Film critics will tell you that you earn cheaply reviews;; You have to pay attention to your characterization and action. Unfortunately, developing deep characterization is one of the most difficult parts of film writing.

Think about your favorite films and the characters that make you fall in love with them. In this course you will learn everything you need to know about creating such characters. The Deep Characterization Workshop is a product of intensive research on the basics of deep characterization.

Saturday film school

Shoot your career in the spotlight with this affordable course. Whether you want to become a screenwriter, filmmaker, producer or director, this insightful course teaches you the proven techniques and tools used by over 15,000 successful screenwriters and filmmakers.

The course contains 16-page PDF documents with information for private study. The course is led by experienced filmmakers and screenwriters who disclose everything in simple words.

Foundation certificate from the screenwriter

Creating brilliant film scripts requires more than good writing skills. However, there is no denying that you write well Competencies is an added benefit. This course will help you perfect your writing skills as you learn to write brilliantly for the screen. This course spans a period of five weeks and guides you through the basics of developing ideas, character and action.

Practical direction: part one

Have you ever wondered how people like Mel Gibson have done great films? This course puts you on the path to becoming the next big name in film directing.

Learn the secrets and art of film directing by getting hands-on camera lessons and, among other things, maximizing your performance. At the end of this course, you can make a mid-budget film. The course is led by the internationally versatile, award-winning director and author Patrick Tucker. With over 200 films, Patrick is the founder of the Original Shakespeare Company.

Practical direction: part two

Perfect your film directing skills by taking this course after completing the first part. You will learn advanced screen display, advanced staging, various director styles, screen composition, advanced staging, auditions and interviews by none other than Patrick Tucker.

Certificate from the Film Crew Foundation

Familiarize yourself with some of the key film tools presented by some of the best hands in the industry. In this course you will learn the power of sound, light, processing and practical effects. The combination of these lessons will help you create the next movie.

Certificate of the producer foundation

Access to funds can be a bottleneck for filmmakers. This course offers you a variety of ways to gain access to funds and realize your ambitions. It deals with the legal and business aspects of filmmaking.


Every expert was a newcomer once. Before trying it with beginners, put your luck on this course and sail relatively easily through the stormy waters of film directing on the basic levels. The course will familiarize you with the basics of film directing, which is effective communication.


A lot of hard work is at the heart of every successful filmmaker. Immersing yourself in the above courses is a step in the right direction. It brings you to the peak of your career. This Courses were specifically chosen for their profound impact on participants over the years. There is no doubt that it will refine your talents and get the best out of you.


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