19th Annual VES Awards Scheduled for April 6, 2021
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19th annual VES Awards plans to recognize the best visual effects of this year despite the impact and challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizations around the world have had to adapt to the unique conditions of the global health crisis, and the TES is no exception. The VES Awards are given!

Here is important information to help submitter navigate through the awards:

  • Until further notice, and only for the 19th annual VES Awards, feature films that were scheduled to release in cinemas in 2020 can instead premiere on a commercial streaming channel or VOD service this year and thus qualify for the current VES Awards. However, submitted feature film projects, whether streaming or in the cinema, must meet all other admission requirements of the respective category of the VES Awards. This rule only applies to feature film projects.

While submissions must have been published in calendar 2020 in order to qualify, the schedule for the 19th annual VES Awards has been extended to allow submitters more time to prepare and submit their submissions. The date on which the VES Awards will be presented has been set for April 6, 2021. THIS DATE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. The VES will keep members informed about Eblasts if the date changes.

Please pay close attention to the new schedule and keep an eye out for announcements in the upcoming Eblasts.

Other changes to the rules and procedures are relatively minor.

The format of the Rules and Procedures (R&Ps) remains the same as last year so that they are easy to find and accessible. All information is included on a category's home page, including how to prepare an entry. The full rules and procedures are available Here.

The rules for Category 24 have been refined – Great (practical) special effects in a photo real project. The rules for other categories remain largely the same.

The cost of submission remains at $ 460.00 per entry.

In the general categories (categories 1 to 8), only ONE submission per project is allowed. If more than one entity wishes to submit a submission for a particular project in one of these categories, they must coordinate their submission through either the entire VFX Supervisor or the entire VFX Producer in order to submit a joint submission. Multiple submissions may only be permitted under certain circumstances in broadcast or streaming categories.

Participants are encouraged to submit optional PDFs with additional written material for publication on the View & Vote website.

Questions that arise after reviewing the R & PS can be directed to the following address: Awards@visualeffectssociety.com,

Important data:

Eligibility period for contributions:

  • January 1 to December 31, 2020

Submissions open:

To view materials upload:

  • December 14, 2020 to January 16, 2021


Help celebrate the 19th year of the World's Best Visual Effects Art Awards by submitting your best VFX work. The VES Awards Banquet on April 6, 2021 – subject to change.

Source: Visual Effect Society


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