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The latest news and updates from the 2020 Adobe Max Conference, including Quick Export for Premiere Pro and Roto Brush 2 for After Effects.

2020 may have taken away in-person film festivals and conferences, but that doesn't mean innovations and updates in the film and video industries are on hold. Adobe Max 2020 (both digital and free this year, October 20-22) is in full swing and the brand has many major updates to its legacy apps like Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects and the growing Creative Cloud.

Let's take a look at some updates, news, and highlights of interest to film and video professionals as Premiere Pro gets faster, After Effects smarter, and the cloud bigger and better than ever.

Updates to Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe has announced the latest update for Premiere Pro version 14.5. It will further accelerate the NLE platform and support AMD and Intel GPUs in addition to the already updated ProRes RAW support from earlier this year. This new hardware decoding update enables H.264 / H.265 formats with the above GPUs under Windows to accelerate Premiere Pro all along the line. Here are the rest of the major updates:

  • Updated audio pre-roll for faster, more responsive playback on larger projects.
  • Support for HDR workflows that are in use Rec.2100 PQ color workspace for Premiere Pro and After Effects.
  • ARRI ProRes now enables color management and working with embedded LUTs (including switching between Rec.709 LUTs and HLG LUTs).
  • Added support for converting ProRes RAW to LOG color space in the cloud.

Adobe also introduced a new technology for a quick export feature that allows users to quickly (obviously) and easily export their most frequently used settings right from the platform's header without having to follow the steps currently required. You can also customize settings and quickly adjust the source settings, or use a standard high quality H264. The quick export is available as part of the new one Premiere Pro Beta.

Updates to Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is also getting a boost from updates that include a new mode for working smarter and more skillfully with 3D tools. As you can see in the video demonstration above, these new 3D tools are about "quality of life" for those who specifically want to work with complex 3D layers, and it enhances how those layers are transformed and at the most basic and important levels can be changed. Here are the big new features:

  • 3D transformation gizmos
  • Improved camera tools
  • Real-time 3D design preview
  • New 3D ground plane

In addition to the new updates for 3D tools, Adobe has also introduced a new Roto Brush 2 for After Effects. This new technology, supported by Adobe Sensei, gives users an even better way of separating foreground objects from their backgrounds more precisely. Roto Brush 2 is a major update from the previous iteration, and it also allows frame-to-frame frame-by-frame tracking and much smarter propagation selection over time. All in all, this should speed up a lot of creative tasks to get some very cool effects.

Similar to some updates to Premiere Pro, you can access all of these new features in the new version Adobe Beta before they all find their way into the next updates at some point.

Updates to the Creative Cloud

Plugins are being fundamentally revised for the next generation of the Creative Cloud.

As always with a large conference like Adobe Max, the brand has plenty of updates to the multitude of apps and platforms available as part of their Creative Cloud. From updates to improve Photoshop and image manipulation to new collaborative elements and curated collections, there's plenty to explore. Here are some of the biggest highlights for those involved in video production.

  • Live streaming: You can now broadcast your work live in Photoshop, Illustrator and Fresco.
  • Photoshop Discover panel: New Photoshop Troubleshooting Help with Adobe Sensei AI to better help the stuck people.
  • Accelerate collaboration: New tools for collaboration in the cloud for those working remotely or stuck at home.
  • Cloud documents: Quick sharing between Photoshop, Illustrator and Fresco with new cloud documents.
  • Neural filters in Photoshop: Change expressions, skin tones and clean up images in a few clicks with new neural filters in Photoshop.
  • Innovation in 3D & immersive creation: With Adobe Aero, the reality experiences in the cloud are further enhanced and expanded to achieve more powerful 3D effects.
  • New ways to access and use plugins: Adobe's plug-in system is extensively updated as you can find, install and keep all available plug-ins for any platform up to date.

Overall, these new overhauls to Creative Cloud, along with the major updates to Premiere Pro and After Effects, should be great news for anyone already on the platform as well as those interested in trying them out.

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