28th Raindance Film Festival Explained
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Before you dive into this year's Raindance Film Festival program, you may have a few questions about how it works. Here's how to access our Hybrid Festival.

What are the changes at the Raindance Film Festival this year?

Raindance offers you a whole new way to see and appreciate the best of independent cinema from around the world. We're excited to have this year's festival across the UK with limited global content.

Due to COVID-19, the Raindance Film Festival 2020 will mainly take place online. Our film program and our haunting experiences are available free of charge. However, we will be asking audiences to donate through our website so we can continue to advocate for independent filmmakers.

You can experience the festival through virtual premieres, live questions and answers with international filmmakers and industry panels via Shift72's Raindance Player.

How do I buy tickets for the 28th Raindance Film Festival?

You can purchase tickets to screenings online atinema.raindance.org. The festival does not take place in a cinema room, so tickets cannot be purchased in person.

Advance ticket sales begin on Wednesday, September 16, before the films are available on our platform between October 28 and November 7. See full program for details.

For galas and live demonstrations at Raindance and our event partners You can find information on booking on our websites. All galas and live events are booked separately.

What does the Raindance Pass cost?

The all-access digital pass Costs £ 19.99 and will be available to purchase from the website einema.raindance.org from September 16th. This pass gives you access to all virtual functions, short films, questions and answers and industry events that are offered on Raindance Player.

The pass does not include access to personal galas or events, including the opening gala. These are separate ticketing events with a strictly limited capacity to adhere to social distancing guidelines and venues, and masks must be worn at all times.

What do tickets cost?

Individual virtual premieres on Raindance Player has a suggested donation of £ 2 for all viewers, with an alternative free option to watch the movies. However, we will be asking audiences to donate through our website so we can continue to advocate for independent filmmakers.

Ticket prices for personal galas or events vary. Please visit our website for more information.

Will there be personal events this year?

While the entire program and industry talks take place online, a variety of in-person events will be offered during the festival. You can find the latest information on our Live Events page.

Will there be Q&A sessions this year?

The world's best independent talent from around the world might not be on the red carpet this year, but Raindance is still your chance to hear from leading directors, writers, and actors. Online premieres will be accompanied by an introduction or post-film Q&A with talents involved in the film.

How do I watch films using Raindance Player at home?

We're excited to have this year's festival across the UK with limited global content. To stream you need internet access and a Raindance Player compatible device. (Desktop, tablet, smartphone, Chromecast) You cannot download movies.

Virtual film screenings can only be viewed in the UK. The international audience can access the rest of the content, including short films, industry events, and virtual reality experiences (provided you have a compatible VR headset for it, visit www.viveport.com).

Raindance Player can be played on: PC; Mac; iOS devices – iPhone and iPad; Android mobile and tablet devices.

When can I watch the films I bought at home?

All virtual premieres and screenings have a countdown to their release. You have to hit the play button and wait for the countdown to finish or miss this movie.

Some films have specific premiere and rerun times, while other films will be available throughout the festival. Please check the full program.

Why do you have different restrictions on display times and windows for different movies?

Each film has its own festival screening arrangements. These are unique requirements of this film based on their own rights positions.

Age restrictions

All films at Raindance are 18+

About Raindance

Raindance aims to promote and support independent filmmakers and filmmakers.

Raindance connects, trains, supports and encourages visual storytellers at every step of their career.

The Raindance Film Festival takes place every autumn in London's Leicester Square.

Raindance has been offering film training since 1992. A wide range of open classes through to a 2-year HND Level 5 BTEC in Moving Images for a postgraduate film degree is offered to students on five continents both in person and online.


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