360 Aerial Images – IronBird Aerial Cinematography

Here is a 360 ° shot of the Liverpool Waterfront showing the 3 graces against the city. We use 7 cameras to take our 360 ° panoramas that can be used for different purposes. We believe it is really fun to create and offer the viewer a unique experience once they are put together on our systems – especially if you are viewing them on a VR device like Google Cardboard. The technology is now so accessible that anyone can view these images in this “subversive” form, even on a tablet or phone.

The 360 ​​° camera rig can be used, for example, for still images in a virtual tour in order to transport the viewer to several static locations of his choice. Alternatively, we can record videos to put the viewer in a completely subversive environment. Concepts and uses are constantly being considered. Do you have any ideas on how to use them? Contact us HERE if you would like to discuss the use of the 360 ​​° rig in your next project!

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