3d-io releases UV packing tool UV-Packer 3 for free
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3d-io publishes the UV-Pack-Tool UV-Packer 3 free of charge

Thursday, August 27, 2020 | Written by Jim Thacker

The plugin developer 3d-io made UV-Packer, its automated UV-Pack-Tool, available free of charge.

The new price tag – or the lack of it – 3d-io describes the latest version, UV-Packer 3 for 3ds Max, as “massively optimized for the workflow from 2020” and able to deal with “extremely high-grade polygonal assets”.

A new Blender version of the plugin is also in development.

A powerful automated UV packaging plugin for 3ds Max
UV Packer was released in 2008 and was previously available for $ 130. It's a UV pack plug-in for 3ds Max.

The software automatically arranges the UV islands of a model to minimize wasted UV storage space and reduce the overall file size for sets of texture maps.

It is resolution independent – therefore packing times remain constant regardless of the resolution of the textures – and supports tiled UV layouts used in applications like ZBrush.

The product page shows how UV packer packs 8,000 UV clusters for an 80,000 polygon building in 3 seconds, achieving 48% UV space utilization, compared to 110 seconds and 35% space utilization for Max's native UV tools.

Version 3 of the software is now available free of charge for game and visualization artists
3D-io describes the latest version of the plug-in, UV-Packer 3, as "geared towards the needs of 3D artists, game studios, Arch Viz, photogrammetry … and 3D product designers".

"It is massively optimized for the workflow and market requirements of 2020+: It can easily handle extremely high polygon assets and thousands of UV clusters."

We can't find a changelog for version 3 online, but 3d-io describes the highlights of the software – including features added in previous versions – as follows:

  • Free
  • Fast packing process
  • Minimal waste and remnants in the UV range
  • No overlapping, exact padding
  • Fast and precise packing of massive polygon assets and UV clusters
  • Optimized for contemporary 3D design
  • Multi-object packaging
  • Resolution independent
  • Multithreading
  • Support UV tiles
  • Lean and customizable user interface and user interface
  • MAXScript, documents, statistics & morSupport and maintenance

The UV-Packer SDK, which is used by software developers and studios to customize the plugin or integrate it with other tools, remains a commercial product.

UV-Packer's sister applications, including the Unwrella UV unpacking plug-in from 3ds Max and Maya and the Flatiron texture baking tool, are still commercially available.

Pricing and system requirements
UV-Packer 3 is available free of charge for 3ds Max 2015+. You don't need to register on the product website to download it. A new version of the plugin for Blender is coming "soon".

A perpetual license for the UV-Packer SDK costs € 5,000 (about $ 5,920).

Download UV Packer 3 for 3ds Max for free from the product website

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