6 Free Curated Digital Arts Online Courses from HP Now Open

LONDON – HP has partnered with Intel and the creative freelance network Movidiam to launch a new initiative to inspire the next generation of digital artists. Six UK-based freelancers who master their respective trades will curate a number of online courses that provide hands-on creative skills and industry knowledge.

With the latest HP hardware, every professional shows his technical skills in the video series #PowerYourBreakthrough. This gives an insight into the type of work they do every day and how they tackle creative tasks from their own individual perspective. Each course module includes technical tutorials and practical advice on how to build a career path in the industry from people with first-hand experience.

"Everyone can be a creator anywhere, and as we continue to learn in these unprecedented times how to adapt to new work and learning methods, it is clear that people are turning to creativity to express themselves," said HP Managing Director – UK & Ireland, George Brasher. “Our job is to give these developers the strength they need for their next breakthrough. Through our partnership with Movidiam, we are committed to supporting the development of the creative community and helping them improve and improve their craft. "

"With a long history of PC innovation for the creative community, HP is the ideal technology partner for the next generation of developers," added George Olver, co-founder of Movidiam. "For the next generation of digital artists, the practice of creativity is instinctive and they need both a device and detailed instructions to bring their expression to life as quickly as possible."

The classes:

Motion graphics – Hushmukh Kerai

  • In this series, the graphic artist and 3D illustrator examines what it means to be a freelance graphic artist – from creating the perfect role to seriousness in the industry.
  • Kerai is a motion graphic designer and 3D illustrator and works as a freelancer in East London. He originally started his creative career in film and production, followed by his love for VFX.

Animation – Laurie Rowan

  • In this series, the award-winning animator addresses what it takes to be a professional animator – keeping your work and yourself going.
  • Rowan is an animator, illustrator and director and is represented by Nexus Studios. Rowan is active on the south coast of England, where he worked both as a freelancer and in the studio. He has been involved in campaigns for clients such as BBC, Channel 4, Droga5, Disney and Google. His work has received numerous awards, including a Bafta victory for children and the Lovie Award.

Photography – Matthew Joseph

  • In this series, the award-winning photographer deals with everything from dealing with a customer order to curating your social media presence to the advantages and disadvantages of his software of his choice.
  • Joseph is an award-winning, people-focused commercial photographer and director. He is a visual storyteller who uses his behind-the-scenes experience in a variety of situations, cultures and climates around the world, helping to connect global brands with their local audience through still images and movements.

Director – Nova Dando

  • Dando shares her years of experience and brings her know-how to the work. She teaches everything you need to know about a career as a director.
  • As an award-winning commercial director and creative based in London, Dando's clients are active in the areas of beauty, fashion and technology. She works 360 ° across campaigns from concept development to direction and execution across TV, video and social channels.

Filmmaking – Sebastian Thiel

  • In this course, filmmaker and director Thiel goes through the key elements of his career – from the customer to the software.
  • Thiel, a filmmaker born in Luanshya, Zambia and raised in northwestern London, was inspired by these places in his first films. In his late teens, he founded Upshot Entertainment. He was featured on TEDx Talks and featured in Evening Top's “Top 25 Under 25 Most Influential Londoners” by Evening Standard.

Illustration – Tina Touli

  • In this series, the award-winning illustrator examines the elements of a career in this area and covers everything from dealing with a customer order to curating the presence on social media to the advantages and disadvantages of software selection.
  • Touli is a graphic communications designer, art director, creator, keynote speaker and educator. Her studio is known for developing solid concepts and constantly combining things from the physical and the digital world.

The competition:

Until August 14th, in response to the brief “breakthrough”, students can enter a contest with prizes worth up to £ 100,000. First place includes a Z from HP Z4 with 10th generation Intel Core processor, NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 graphics, an HP DreamColor Z27x G2 studio display and other partner awards. Further prizes will be awarded to the second and winner of the categories photography, illustration, direction, motion graphics, animation, filmmaking and referendum.

The competition ends on August 14th with the announcement of the winners on August 21st. Full information and participation can be found on the official site website.

Source: HP


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