Fraunhofer IIS presents 8K Video Over IP with JPEG XS
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There is no doubt that 8K is a buzzword that will stay here, and IP video technologies are already in place to carry compressed 8K video streams from 12G sources with extremely low latency.

We have already reported on the development of JPEG XS, a central technology in a new pilot project between Fraunhofer IIS and the Japanese public broadcaster NHK, with which 8K videos are to be transmitted completely via Ethernet from capture to distribution encoder.

Compressed 8K broadcast quality IP video with JPEG XS

A JPEG XS SDK was developed by the team of video coding experts at the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS in Erlangen to integrate JPEG XS into broadcast and post-production workflows. This enables the transmission of high-quality, studio-quality images over IP for production and post-production processes. The SDK supports CPU and GPU processing.

The pilot set up by Fraunhofer IIS consisted of a real-time encoder with four 12G-SDI inputs and one 10G-Ethernet output and a real-time decoder with one 10G-Ethernet input and four 12G-SDI outputs. Both the encoder and decoder are PC based and the transmission was sent over 10G ethernet as a SMPTE 2110 stream. The synchronization was achieved via PTP IEE1588 (Precision Time Protocol).

This project checked the image fidelity and quality at various compression ratios. All technical details, results and evaluations will be presented at the SMPTE ATC virtual conference in November.

Source: Fraunhofer

8K Video Over IP, is there a real need for it? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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