9 of the 10 Most Streamed Shows Are on Netflix
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Stuck at home streaming a TV show? I bet it's on Netflix …

As we discussed earlier this week, when it comes to second chance screenings, Netflix dominates. Whether it's movies that failed at the box office or shows that never found wide audiences, Netflix often turns trash into gold.

Already popular on Canadian television, Schitt & # 39; s Creek is now among the top ten shows streamed online this week.

When it comes to the most screened shows on the internet, it seems like a lot of them are second editions or new watches.

And Netflix is ​​squashing that spectrum.

Nielsen streaming reviews Include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Disney + in the top 10 streaming metrics. Its ranking is based on the number of minutes consumers who have access to platforms stream during the week.

Every week they put together a top ten list that records who sees what. Those numbers are estimates … but they all go down Netflix's way. And even Hollywood is taking note of Netflix's sheer dominance.

You need a superhero to even make a dent in the top ten this week.

Seriously, Netflix is ​​pushing ratings into high gear. We'll see if the return of The Mandalorian at the end of the month can put Disney on that list, but only time will tell. Even if Netflix surrenders a point here, they are still miles ahead of the game.

Here are the top 10 this week:

  1. Ratched (Netflix) (8 episodes) – 1,632 minutes (million)
  2. Enola Holmes (Netflix) (1 episode) – 1,165 minutes (millions)
  3. The Blacklist (Netflix) (151 episodes) – 929 minutes (million)
  4. The Office (Netflix) (192 episodes) – 893 minutes (million)
  5. Schitt & # 39; s Creek (Netflix) (72 episodes) – 839 minutes (million)
  6. The Boys (Amazon Prime Video) (14 episodes) – 703 minutes (million)
  7. Grey's Anatomy (Netflix) (361 episodes) – 703 minutes (million)
  8. Criminal Minds (Netflix) (277 episodes) – 680 minutes (millions)
  9. Cobra Kai (Netflix) (20 episodes) – 676 ​​minutes (million)
  10. Lucifer (Netflix) (75 episodes) – 636 minutes (million)

Are you surprised by the numbers? What about the shows on the list? Let us know in the comments.


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