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Here are five videos to dip your toes into time-lapse software learning, from a 60-second quick tip to a ten-minute dive.

YouTube is rich in tutorials ranging from a 60-second quick tip to an hour-long deep dive. These videos can be filled with informational messages or presented by energetic hosts who make you feel like you are learning in person.

However, sometimes it can be too much. Sometimes you don't want to know about every keyboard shortcut, or you don't have the time to learn a new resolution feature for forty minutes. Or you just want to watch the professional do their thing without comment. If this sounds like something you'd rather see, you might want to jump into the niche hole of software time-lapse videos.

These videos are typically three to ten minutes long and condense hours of work into a single short video. If someone is just working and not trying to present information, they can also pick up little tips and tricks that otherwise wouldn't have been mentioned. You could also say that watching them is quite therapeutic.

Let's check out five videos that I recommend if you're looking to explore this niche learning method.

1. Imad Awan: Conceptual Art

Imad Awan is an artist and illustrator working on the conceptual art of video games and has a YouTube channel devoted to capturing his process. In this timely piece, you can follow his strategy of taking photos and images and turning them into a concept piece depicting a quarantined city.

2. PremiumBeat: color correction

In this three minute video, I go through the core process of correcting and sorting a RAW cinema file into a ready-to-ship clip. Because Resolve has a limited user interface and it's easy to get lost, I'll label each node so you can easily keep track of it. If you'd like to see more of this content on our channel, leave us a comment on the video.

3. Easy video creation: animation

In this time lapse from Simple Video Making, they go through the entire process of bringing animations to life. And when I say the whole process, I mean exactly that. From the blank page in Photoshop to the animation process in Moho Studio and fine-tuning in After Effects.

4. UglyMcGregor: Making a movie poster

Okay yes this is my last name and yes this is my channel. In this time lapse I am busy creating a poster for a web series. Since the picture was captured by a RED cinema camera, let's start with the first process of photographing the poster with the actor on the makeup chair. Since the still image was pulled from a video clip, the process itself is a journey as I jump over a variety of software to bring this poster to life – from REDCINEX to Lightroom, Photoshop, and After Effects.

5. DLGNCE: 3D modeling

Okay, I'm not going to pretend I know what's going on in this video. The world of 3D is still something I haven't looked at, but I tell myself it every year. Maybe with multiple time-lapse videos, I will understand the workflow better.

In this video from DLGNCE he goes through the process of creating a typographic landscape in Cinema4D. The video is three hours summarized in twenty minutes, and even after watching the time-lapse, the process is still confusing to me. Maybe next year I'll be into 3D modeling …

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Cover picture via Katrina Brown.


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