ActionVFX Black Friday Sale 2020
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ActionVFX is the leading name in the niche pre-encrypted footage category in the visual effects industry arena. The company is back with its long-awaited Black Friday 2020 sale. Receive new offers on various old and new stocks, newly launched products, and also download many free VFX footage libraries. You can buy an individual or a full package to save more.

All video elements are in HD, 2K, 4K and higher resolution. The FPS (Frames Per Second) range from 24, 30, 60 to 90 fps depending on the requirements. Recordings are taken from different camera angles to fit seamlessly into your compositing pipeline. Since all of this comes with a matte / alpha channel, it saves a lot of time in the post-production workflow.

ActionVFX stock footages are used in many blockbuster Hollywood movies, some of the best web series from Over The Top (OTT) platforms, and video games. Key references include Stranger Things 3, Watchmen, 12 Strong, Spider-Man: Far From Home, The Flash, Shaft, Jumanji: The Next Level, Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow, Narcos, Blindspot, Call of Duty and more . It doesn't matter who you are – college student, professional artist, freelancer, filmmaker, graphic artist or any other creative field. This library of high quality VFX assets will make your recording stand out. This will improve the quality of your composting and video editing.

Check Black Friday Sale 2020 from ActionVFX and get 50% to 55% off your desired VFX assets.

ActionVFX 2020 Black Friday Sale Duration and Discount:

  • 55% Off Entire VFX Footage Library: November 26th, 8pm EST through November 27th, 8pm EST
  • 50% off the entire VFX footage library: November 27, 8 p.m. EST through December 4, 11:59 p.m. EST

List of stock footages / elements of visual effects:

ActionVFX's entire library contains more than 35,000 elements.

  • Smoke (atmospheric, large-scale, small-scale, ground fog, streams, plumes of smoke)
  • Energy FX (energy shock waves, energy surges, portals, magic hits)
  • Glass (break glass, broken glass, break glass)
  • Explosions (dust, explosions from the air, blasts of dirt, gas explosions, spark explosions, explosions sound fx)
  • Fire (fire lens torches, wall fires, ceiling fires, small burning debris, window fires, floor fires, gas fires, structural fires, fireballs, burning poles, flame torches, jet flames, traces of fire, fireballs in front of the camera, fire noises fx
  • Blood & Gore (bleeding wounds, blood strokes, blood splatters, severed necks and limbs, gore textures, blood mist, pools of blood, bleeding material, blood textures)
  • Debris & impact (dust waves, falling dust, balls, exploding debris, floor cracks, floor explosions)
  • Gun FX (muzzle flashes, bullet strikes, gun smoke, sparks, gun noises, cannon explosions, musket muzzle flashes, gun smoke, bullet cartridges, bullet hole textures, projectile strikes sound fx)
  • Particles (dust particles, embers, sparks, air particles, spark explosions, electrical sparks, bursting sparks, fire sparks, falling ashes, fuses, grinding sparks, electrical sparks, dirt deposits)
  • Water (water splashes, water jets, water hits, water noises fx)
  • Weather (storm clouds, windy snow, cold breath, falling snow, clouds, lightning)

Apart from all these stocktakes (bundled with pre-sampled alpha channel / matt) there is another update. There is a dedicated download resource for curated video elements – CreatorVault. It contains various elements that can be used for motion graphics, titles, background effects and more. All CreatorVault items get 50% off during the entire 2020 VFX Black Friday Sale.

The list is as follows.

  • Mattes (spreading out ink mattes, color transitions, liquid ink mattes, brushstrokes, matt transitions)
  • Glitch & Grunge (glitch transitions, grunge overlays, glitch overlays)
  • Lens effects (anamorphic lens effects, lens effect transitions, lens effect overlays, police light lens effects, lens effect overlays)
  • Animated shapes (confetti overlays, electrical and energy effects, movement elements)
  • Backgrounds (paper, plexus, LED light show, wavy particles, paper structures)

Link to buy and download VFX-Stock Footages:

  • Buy any 4 collections and get the 5th for free.
  • You can also upgrade your 2K resolution collection to 4K resolution at a special discount.

Check Black Friday Sale 2020 from ActionVFX and get 50% to 55% off your desired VFX assets.

Happy VFX to everyone!


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