Ado Ato Pictures Joins ‘ANOUSCHKA’ with Resonate Entertainment
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LOS ANGELES — Ado Ato pictures announced that Entertain resonance will participate as executive producer in the upcoming XR film ANOUSCHKA. The film is an animated fictional story inspired by the Black Girl Magic ethos and black girls around the world and is currently being produced in Amsterdam.

In the interactive story, Amara, a black teenager in Amsterdam, begins a magical journey of self-discovery through time and space. She must travel back and bond with generations of women who preceded her in order to save her grandmother and twin brother from a family curse lasting several generations. On the way she discovers the origins and magical powers of her family, reconnects with her roots and at the same time learns more about the present.

ANOUSCHKA was developed as a mixed reality experience (XR) and lets the audience immerse themselves as active participants in the story through movement, touch and sound-based interactions. It helps Amara to use her powers by singing incantations and assisting her in collecting magical items.

"I am delighted to have Resonate Entertainment as executive producer at ANOUSCHKA," commented Tamara Shogaolu, Creative Director of Ado Ato Pictures. "Not only do you have a wealth of experience and a proven track record in bringing content to life, but Susan Cartsonis has been a mentor to me for many years."

"Tamara's work as a student has always reflected her incredible vision for social action combined with her passion for being a global storyteller whose diverse backgrounds fuel her wonderfully empathetic perspective," noted Susan Cartsonis, partner at Resonate Entertainment. "It's no surprise to me that since graduating, she has won a prestigious Luce Scholarship and worked in Jakarta, won a talk on VR by Harvard, attended Sundance Labs, and was featured at MOMA. We feel We are honored and proud to support her further journey as an innovative, dedicated content creator who pushes the boundaries of cutting-edge technology and offers audiences, especially young people, the opportunity to immerse themselves in a powerful and magical story. "

Most recently, Resonate Entertainment produced the original Netflix film Feel the Beat starring Sofia Carson directed by Elissa Down and Upside-Down Magic by Disney Channel starring Izabela Rose and Siena Agudong directed by Joe Nussbaum.

ANOUSCHKA is currently running a Kickstarter campaign until the end of August. More information is available Here.

Source: Ado Ato Pictures


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