Adobe Releases Substance Alchemist Update
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Adobe has released new features for Substance alchemistIntroducing new content and workflows for 3D artists to create complex materials with precise control. It gives users the ability to create large collections of materials, whether they consist of data provided by existing photos or other images or by modifying existing 3D resources. It essentially grants users unlimited ways to digitize the world. The new version offers more content, improved functions and an overall increase in results and efficiency.

The new version of Substance Alchemist includes:

  • A new Atlas workflow with the Image to Material filter, an AI-powered tool released earlier this year for generating materials from photos.
  • More options for technical filters, warp and weather filters as well as color variations when designing materials.
  • Create automatic symbols for materials. The version originally available for the Substance Designer release is now available in Substance Alchemist.
  • NVIDIA RTX 30 compatibility for the image-to-material filter.

Adobe recently rolled out updates for too Fabric designer, including a new substance engine and improved workflow and performance capabilities.

The new version includes:

  • Substance Engine V8, which enables new distance calculations, smoother slopes and more.
  • Optimized workflows for displaying parameters and for symbol configuration in the fabric diagram.
  • Faster performance for computing graphs and expanding and distributing baked textures.
  • New threshold and cross-section filters and new parameters for Tile Generator and Tile Sampler.

Additional information can be found in Substance 3D website.

Source: Adobe


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