Adobe releases Substance Painter 2020.2
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Adobe releases Substance Painter 2020.2

Friday, July 24, 2020 | Written by Jim Thacker

Adobe has released Substance Painter 2020.2. The latest version of the 3D texture painting software offers a long-awaited function: the possibility to paint using UDIM tiles.

The update also provides the ability to stop the Substance Painter engine at work, improve overall performance, and reduce the size of the project files generated by the software.

Paint seamlessly over UDIM texture tiles in Substance Painter
The heading function in Substance Painter 2020.2 is one that users have been asking for a long time: seamless multi-channel painting over UDIM tiles.

Adobe originally previewed the functionality a year ago during its Substance Days user event at Siggraph 2019, but it took longer than expected to be released.

The changes extend Substance Painter's existing support for the UDIM UV layout format used in applications such as Mari, and enable seamless painting over separate tiles within a texture set.

Adobe plans to adopt the native naming conventions for tiles of other applications that use tiled UV layouts, such as B. Mudbox and ZBrush to support in future versions.

New options for displaying, masking and baking UV tiles
Artists working on projects that use UV tiles can now import textures as image sequences, with Substance Painter automatically picking up and organizing the entire set of textures.

The UV tiles are then displayed in a new raster view in the 2D view window. You can set the texture resolution for each tile individually.

The update also adds a new UV tile mask system to the Substance Painter layer stack: a kind of secondary mask for texture layers, which forces the software to reject the calculation of certain UV tiles.

According to Adobe, masking UV tiles should improve painting performance in complex projects. Users can also hide masked tiles in the viewport to facilitate access to all parts of the network.

Substance Painter's texture bakers have been updated to support UV tiles. Users can specify which tiles and texture sets to bake and include UV tile numbers in file names.

You can find a more detailed overview of the new workflow on the Adobe blog.

Stop the Substnce Painter engine to improve performance
The other changes in Substance Painter 2020.2 are mainly performance improvements.

Exporting textures from projects with "lots of texture sets or complex layer stacks" is "up to … five times faster", and there are unquantified speed improvements when opening projects and saving incrementally.

In addition, users can now stop the Substance Painter engine while they are working. This means that subsequent viewport updates, texture processing, and brushstrokes are registered but not calculated.

According to Adobe, the Substance Painter function is designed to make you more responsive when working on projects with complex layer stacks, with visual feedback removed.

Users can effectively queue many changes, then cancel them and calculate them all at once.

Changes to reduce the size of Substance Painter project files
The size of the project files generated by Substance Painter has also been reduced.

The software's environmental occlusion and curvature bakers now export grayscale texture maps instead of RGB maps. According to Adobe, the project size can be reduced by "20% to 60%".

The default settings for dilation and diffusion when baking textures have also been updated to reduce the file size.

Pricing and availability
Substance Painter 2020.2 is available for Windows 8+, CentOS 7.0 / Ubuntu 16.04+ Linux and macOS 10.12+.

Subscriptions to all Adobe Substance tools cost $ 19.90 / month or $ 219 / year for artists and studios earning less than $ 100,000 / year. and $ 99.90 / month or $ 990 / year for other users.

Perpetual indie licenses are now only available on Steam and cost $ 149.99.

Visit the Substance Painter product website

Read a full list of new features in Substance Painter 2020.2 in the online release notes

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