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Adobe ships Fresco 2.0

Wednesday, October 21, 2020 | Written by Jim Thacker

Adobe has released Fresco 2.0, the latest version of its digital drawing and painting tool, which makes the app compatible with the latest iPhones, iPads and Windows tablets.

The update also includes support for text, new smudge and ribbon brushes, updates the layer workflow, and adds new tools for live streaming, collaboration, and versioning.

The new version was launched under Adobe MAX 2020 together with After Effects 17.5, Character Animator 3.4, Photoshop 22.0, Photoshop for iPad 2.0 and updates for the other Creative Cloud tools from Adobe.

Mixing AI controlled natural media effects with raster and vector tools
First released last year, Fresco combines Photoshop's brush engine with new natural media features.

The Live Brushes system is based on Sensei, Adobe's machine learning system, to recreate the behavior of real oil and watercolors.

Additionally, Fresco offers a range of more traditional pixel brushes – there are over a thousand Photoshop brushes according to Adobe – including sets that recreate dry media like pencil and pastel, ink, and marker.

There is also a limited selection of vector brushes with the option to export documents directly to Illustrator for further vector editing.

It has a layer system that supports groupings, layer masks, and the same blend modes as Photoshop, as well as basic selection functions and color adjustments.

For interoperability with other software, Fresco exports in PSD, PDF and PNG formats.

New in Fresco 2.0: New wipe tool, ribbon brush and text support
Fresco 2.0 also adds a new wipe tool that can be used to blend previous brushstrokes. All built-in brushes and all Photoshop brushes from Adobe's Creative Cloud Libraries can be used as a wipe brush.

Additionally, ribbon brushes created in Capture, Adobe's free vector converter app, are now supported.

The update also adds a new text system that supports a number of basic typographic properties, including font size and style, kerning, and tracking.

Other new features include a pressure curve editor that lets you control how pen pressure affects the thickness of the lines on the screen. and the option to select and edit layers multiple times.

In-app collaboration, version history, and live streaming tools
Outside of the creative tools, Fresco 2.0 introduces a new comment system with which a document can be released for customers or employees and notes can be received directly in the app.

The update also introduces a new in-app version history system for cloud documents, which can be used to access previous versions of a document stored in the cloud.

As with Photoshop for iPad 2.0, Fresco is getting a new live streaming system that allows you to stream both yourself and the document you're working on on Behance, Adobe's portfolio site.

In addition, the app is now available for both iPhones and iPads: Adobe describes the user interface and workflow as "redesigned" for use on smaller screens.

Pricing and system requirements
Fresco 2.0 is available for iOS 13.0+ and Windows 10. It's now compatible with any Windows device that uses a Surface Pen or Wacom Pro Pen and is running an up-to-date Nvidia or Intel GPU. See full system requirements.

The basic app is free, but the premium features are $ 9.99 / month. The Premium Edition is also available as part of Photoshop Single App Subscriptions for $ 31.49 / month or All App Subscriptions for $ 79.49 / month.

For a full list of new features in Fresco 2.0, see the online documentation

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