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The actor says he heard a little rumble about returning to Star Wars as a younger Han Solo.

The critical pans that gutted “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” last December made the reviews for “Solo: A Star Wars Story” glow in comparison. While the story largely reminiscent of Ron Howard's 2018 spinoff "Star Wars" flop, ratings for "Solo" were positive (70% at Rotten Tomatoes) and it was just the lackluster box office ($ 393 million) -Dollar worldwide) who achieved the result The film is a misfire. Why the bad box office? The answer probably has more to do with "Solo" coming to theaters just a few months after "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" than reviews. In a new Esquire interview, "Solo" star Alden Ehrenreich says he won't rule out a return.

"It depends what it is," replied Ehrenreich when asked whether he wanted to return to the big or small screen as Han Solo. "It depends on how it's done. It depends on whether it's inherent in history."

Ehrenreich is open to a return under the right circumstances, but said there are no official plans to continue "Solo" on the cards. "No, I don't know anything about that," he said. "I mean, you know, I think our film was sort of the last of the Star Wars film release period of the conventional era."



Ehrenreich more or less disappeared from Hollywood in the two years after the release of "Solo". While some actors may have tried to transform the mega exposure of a Star Wars movie into more roles and projects, Ehrenreich made the active decision to move out of the spotlight.

"It was basically three years of experience from pre-production to film release," the actor told Esquire, "and I just wanted to be a person, connect with people in my life, spend time and develop as a person. " outside of these worlds. And then you never know. "

One thing Ehrenreich has not done in the two years since Solo opened is to keep up with the Star Wars franchise. The actor announced that he hadn't seen "The Rise of Skywalker" and was not even sure what the Disney + "Star Wars" television series was called "The Mandalorian". When the TV series was released, Ehrenreich asked the reporter: "The Mandalorian, that's the name?"

Given the impact of Solo, it's understandable why Ehrenreich may not want to keep up to date on everything in Star Wars. Although he currently has no plans to return as Han Solo, the actor mentioned that he has heard some rumors about events in the "Star Wars" world that could see him back on the screen in the role made famous by Harrison Ford . "I've heard (some) things but nothing specific," he said.

After his two-year hiatus after "Solo", Ehrenreich returns as the main actor in Peacock's original streaming series "Brave New World". The show begins on July 15, the same day that Peacock starts in the United States. Visit Esquire's website to read Ehrenreich's latest profile

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