Back to One, Episode 100: Andrea Riseborough
Back To One Filmmaker Andrea Riseborough Ep. 100 Copy 628x348.jpg

It's time we stopped taking the supernaturally talented British actor Andrea Riseborough for granted. She transforms into her characters (appearance, accent, demeanor, mannerisms) so completely that it is easy to believe that she is the character and it is difficult to measure her talents because we do not know how "standard Andrea Riseborough "is. However, one thing is crystal clear. It's just one of the best we have. In this 100th episode of Back To One, she tells how she is surprised by the reactions to her chameleon-like abilities, how she uses the shooting environment (no matter how difficult) to fire her work, why she pays her money, finances women's films, and much more! It plays in the new Amazon series ZeroZeroZero.

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