Back to One, Episode 121: Kevin Alejandro
Back To One Filmmaker Kevin Alejandro Ep. 121 Copy 628x348.jpg

Kevin Alejandro ends his fifth season with Detective Dan Espinoza on Netflix & # 39; Lucifer. He's also graced your small screen in series like "The Returned", "Southland" and "True Blood". In 2017, he completed the Warner Brothers TV director's workshop and directed an episode of Lucifer. He has since started his own production company and has grown into a multi-hyphenator producing award-winning shorts, including the totally hilarious Adult Night. He's back in the director's chair for Lucifer's fifth season (Part 1), which ends on August 21 on Netflix. In this episode, he talks about how the need to create between jobs kept that desire to direct, how learning how your body works opens up new opportunities for you, and he tells a great story of selling all of your possessions as a youngster Man on a production of True West to fund his transition to Los Angeles to start his career, and more!

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