Back to One, Episode 133: Kevin Corrigan
Back Ton One Filmmaker Kevin Corrigan Ep. 133 Copy 628x348.jpg

It has become a tradition to have actor Kevin Corrigan on the show every year. This is his third visit (his first two episodes are # 1 and # 67). Sitting down with the wise sage of indie film is always both a reset and a recharge. He has a way of talking about this art that helps us get back to the root of what it is about: connection, empathy, life. In this hour, he tells us about a life changing event that happened immediately after Ray Donovan finished work on the Showtime series and how the effects are felt while he was dealing with the pandemic. We are talking about a scene in The Godfather Part II and we try to put our arms around the brilliant work of the young actor Jack Dylan Grazer, the star of We Are Who We Are. I ask him about working on The Exorcist III 30 years ago and about Onur Tukel's latest film last summer. As always, there are Brando quotes and much more.

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