Back to One, Episode 134: Aubrey Plaza
Back To One Filmmaker Aubrey Plaza Ep. 134 Copy 628x348.jpg

Photo by: Brian Bowen Smith

From parks and recreation to the Legion, from indie film queen to happiest season, Aubrey Plaza doesn't surprise us. Any favorite late-night talk show guest and hilarious award show host rarely reveals the serious roots of their acting skills. Enter the black bear. The Lawrence Michael Levine hit Sundance plays Plaza as a former actress on a writing retreat with Christopher Abbott and Sarah Gadon. Further description is not only pointless, but can also have a detrimental effect on your enjoyment of the film. Let's just say it's worth your time, in large part because of the emotional territory that Plaza is immersed in. In this half-hour she talks about how the difficult circumstances of this shoot actually helped her process, she takes us back to her formative years with a teacher who spoke her language in particular, and she talks about how audition still sucks why she never does, wants to make a movie with an iPhone and more.

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