Back to One, Episode 136: Justine Lupe
Back To One Filmmaker Justine Lupe Ep. 136 Copy 628x348.jpg

Willa about the succession, Astrid about the wonderful Mrs. Maisel, Jade about Younger, Holly about Mr. Mercedes, all characters that were brought to life by the great actress Justine Lupe, with all their quirks and nuances that are rooted in a reality that make them seem out of line on life. In this episode, she takes us back to her time at Juilliard, where she enjoyed the bootcamp-like training that matched her all-in approach to work. She talks about appreciating all types of directors about the importance of connecting with the cameraman and shares her incomprehensible, hieroglyphic script marking technique that may be the secret of her greatness. Plus much more!

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