Back to One, Episode 137: Nat Wolff
Back To One Filmmaker Nat Wolff Ep 137 Copy 628x348.jpg

The only thing that makes this a "Special Holiday Episode" of Back To One is a brief mention of Hanukkah, but the talented Nat Wolff brings a lot of joy to make up for it. He talks about playing Lloyd Henreid in the new version of The Stand on CBS All Access, and a scene that worried him particularly, until an eleventh hour of “Cape of Inspiration” song fell on him. I ask about his directorial debut, a short film called Youngest which is perhaps the film that has affected me the most of all the films I have seen during the pandemic. He shares why auditioning isn't getting easier, his journey from insecure cockiness to real confidence, how to keep his head in this crazy business and much more!

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