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November 5thth 1955. Marty McFly just arrived, 30 years in the future. AND the archaic methods of putting films together – that we still Use today – are invented first. Ok, that's an exaggeration, but isn't it what "old school" still seems like? Especially when compared to our mobile apps, smart devices and significantly more advanced lifestyles. We think so.

Now combine the total number of calls made between Sidney and Scream over the years with the number of emails Meg and Tom shared in You got an email;; and you figured out how the film industry put their crews together for many lots Years.

Banging the phones, cold calling people (not sure if you are still in the industry) were the standard way to secure a movie job. Anyone who has worked in the industry will tell you how they got their first job on a major project or how they still secure jobs despite numerous jobs.

Don't you think this seems problematic given today's communication methods? We'd spend weeks (literally) Call supervisors we heard straight Power Crewing in case they need us. And this is where the tables come in. Oh, the good old color-coded Excel spreadsheet; Imagine a mix of a phone book and your GCSE revision notes – right, mean. Green for "called but not answered", red for "already have someone for the job" and yellow for (my old favorite) "Sorry, why did you think I was crew?", Aka your keyword den Cancel the call as soon as possible!

Getting your foot in the door getting your next job or trying to find a crew is still stressful and time consuming for everyone today. The reality of getting into and staying in the film industry is tough. Sometimes it remains an unfulfilled dream.

** drum roll ** Enter Premiere crew – the contemporary, affordable resource for supervisors finding occupation and occupation trying to find work. In short, we are a comprehensive database service that allows newbies and established crew members to profile, demonstrate their skills, and select their availability dates, right under the noses of crew members, senior industry regulators. Premiere Crew grew out of these shared frustrations of joining the film and HETV industries and finding work.

The current industry crew will tell potential crew leaders stories of unanswered emails and nervous phone calls. Let us tell you. It's nothing personal on behalf of regulators. We've seen firsthand how hectic a day in the life of a department head can be. If your email doesn't have an internal G Suite address, there's a good chance it'll remain unopened until then perhaps A quiet day in the office, two weeks after shooting started and four months after the date it landed in her inbox.

Maybe, just maybe, the movie stars will then lean in your favor and you'll be lucky enough to get an email back or on a quiet day catch a manager reading your email and having a minute, you to interview. And that my friend is a rare, golden nugget moment due to the competition to get into this wonderful industry and work there.

On the positive side. For example, let's say you've found a crewing supervisor's email address and you can click Submit. Bingo right? Not correct. Next up is the Pandoras box on your resume. Attaching your resume from the time you created your GCSE won't silence the inbox. Hard we know – but true. The competition is widespread. From new graduates to people looking to change their careers to seasoned crew members looking for their next gig, you're one little bird in a large flock and need to be noticed. Premiere Crew offers a resume review service for crew members of each department with tailored feedback. Our team consists of industry administrators who know what stands out and which information is as unnecessary as a coffee on the 3rd floorapprox Evening of a night shooting.

We also offer portfolio reviews for the art department, tailored to showcase your skills as effectively as possible (what impresses managers and what impresses them) need in terms of technical competence). In a highly competitive entry-level market, make sure your resume isYou & # 39; and what you are achieved, can really make or break you.

If you get yourself into an interview with an art portfolio that goes beyond Tom Hardy's schedule or is as messy as the Justice League's first edit, you won't get a foot in the door. We're here to help you light up (Plug Alert: We're also cheaper than many of our non-industry competitors).

Premiere Crew offers supervisors the ability to search for crew 24 hours a day, 7 days a week because they work so many hours. These guys seriously invested the hours, so one of our main goals is to make their life easier. Since we are solely focused on the presentation of skills and crew availability, you can rest assured that we will check your resume and availability under the noses of supervisors (who are actually crew members this time) you.

It's difficult right now. We understand We went through it. Regardless of whether you assumed that you would graduate in the middle of the year as usual, or are preparing to enter the job market, or whether you work in the industry, stop your job and be unemployed for months. It was a challenge for all of us. That's why we created Premiere Crew to take the pain out of getting noticed for roles or for supervisors who find their crew. We wanted to streamline the process and make it accessible to everyone. Hence the cost and our values. Anyone can apply for membership – anyone, including supervisors, goes through a review process. We only want talented, committed and nice people in our database.

The film team deserves more than just a database service. For this reason, we have set up an exclusive area for all areas, where you can get first-hand information and tips on starting your career or get inspiration from those who are back at work. We start with an interview with our friend and three-time Oscar winner. Sandy Powell.

We are passionate about proving the best service with a side dish full of fun while keeping costs to an absolute minimum. We are a small team that started in Lockdown with the simple goal of helping our industry get back on its feet. We are all part of the same film family, trying to do our part to help the family out of a strange time. All the income we generate goes straight to maintaining the site.

We also help others along the way. By others, we don't just mean that you work in the industry or are looking for a path. With every subscription (which is £ 4.99 a year by the way – BARGAIN!) We donate to our friends at the film and TV charitywho have helped so many of our film family during and after the UK film apocalypse and continue to help COVID-19 lockdown.

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At Premiere Crew, we are ready to bring the film industry and its crewing method back to the future. Are you ready for the ride

About Premiere Crew

Premiere Crew was formed by a team of film professionals from various departments who worked on projects led by Universal Studios, HBO, Warner Brothers, Legendary and Netflix. Through their extensive network (including industry regulators and executives), Premiere Crew was launched during the COVID-19 pandemic to help the industry get back on its feet – save time, focus and money on productions; where they are most needed.

We know how difficult it is to get your foot in the door of the industry and stay there. That's why we founded Premiere Crew. the contemporary, affordable resource for supervisors finding crew and crew looking for work.


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