newest PUBG Mobile Challenge Golden Pharoah X suit
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Dear PUBG? Then this CG Art Contest is for you. Use your creativity, conception and design skills to create the Golden Pharoah X-Suit. As the name suggests, it has to look and feel Egyptian. It's your chance to take your favorite game to epic levels using your concept and artistic skills.

Details about the PUBG Mobile Challenge:

What you need to create:

  • 3 skin looks and feel for the Golden Pharoah X-Suit competition. Each must be more detailed and attractive than the later one.
  • You can create for one level or for all three levels.
  • You need to output 2D renders.
  • Feel free to add supporting elements – weapons, environment, background design, suit modifications, character gender, and more.
  • Your edition must have these three things – the mask, the golden color / theme, the "noble Pharaoh" style.
  • You have all the creative and artistic freedom to design for this PUBG mobile challenge.
  • You can submit one perspective / angle or several.

Where and how to submit

  • Log in or create an account CGSociety.
  • Submit your at least 2 WIPs in WIP submissions page
  • Submit your final 2D render of the Golden Pharoah X-Suit in Final submissions page
  • Mention your full name on all submissions
  • An artist can submit more than one entry
  • Final image resolution of the 2D output: at least 1200 pixels

Competition duration:

  • Start date: August 4th, Tuesday, 2020
  • End Date: Saturday, September 4, 2020, 11:59 p.m. Pacific Standard Time

Announcement of the winner:

  • September 7, Monday, 2020


  • 1. iPad Pro or 1 free CGMA class
  • 2nd iPad or 50% discount on 1 CGMA class
  • 3. $ 100 Amazon Gift Card or 25% off 1 CGMA class

Check out the official video of this PUBG competition.

This newest CG challenge is sponsored by PUBG MOBILE, CGMA & 80 Level. For more information, see the official page.


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