Amber Heard Assures Us She Will Return in ‘Aquaman 2’
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A new clap threshold has just hit us in the middle of the ship. Like it or not, Amber Heard wants us to know she is here to stay. While Aquaman 2 hasn't been lit in green and the official cast hasn't been confirmed yet, Heard assures her fans that she will return as Mera, Princess of the Deep. In one current interview with Entertainment WeeklySays the controversial actress, “I'm very excited about the amount of fan love and appreciation that Aquaman has gained that Aquaman and Mera have won so much that we will be returning. I'm so excited to be filming this. "It also claims production will start in 2021.

With absolutely no evidence or studio to support her claims, it's easy to wonder if Heard is trying to cover up rumors that she is being replaced with ex-husband Johnny Depp because of her ongoing legal drama. Many fans hope that Emilia Clarke, who played Jason Momoa's wife in Game of Thrones, claims the role of Aquaman's love interest. Still, Heard continues: “Paid rumors and paid social media campaigns don't dictate (casting decisions) because in reality they have no basis. I look forward to getting started next year. "

Who would you rather see than Mera when Aquaman 2 glows green? Amber Heard, Emilia Clarke, or someone else entirely?

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