Ambient Introduced QuickPole Series 5 Carbon Fiber Boom Pole
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Ambient, the German audio maker known for making one of the best carbon fiber cantilever poles, is now launching the new Ambient QuickPole Series 5 product line. It combines the best features of the QS Series 4 and QP Series 4 boom poles in one and gets even better.

Series 5, generation 5, segments 5

The new QuickPole Series 5 carbon fiber boom pole uses the 5th generation of ambient boom pole tubes. This means that the diameter of the largest section (the one at the bottom outside outside) is 34 mm. It has 5 sections that give a lot more flexibility. In addition, the boom bar is shorter for transport reasons and longer when extended.

With the new QuickPole Series 5 extension pole, Ambient combines the functions of the existing ones light QS series 4 and bonus High performance QP series 4 Boom pole rolled into one and it gets even better.

Ultralight and extremely robust

The new QuickPole Series 5 uses a customized carbon fiber connection this helps to reduce weight. There is also one UHM fiber layer added to make the boom bar extra robust. Only with this construction can Ambient produce a boom pole for the first time that QP5150which has a length of 1550 mm when folded and can be fully extended to a length of 6370 mm!

Smooth, smoother

The new QuickPole Series 5 also has a new Teflon foil plus silicone-smeared felt layer. This not only causes the boom rod to extend and collapse more smoothly, but also to reduce driving noise.

Revised locking system with better grip. Image source: environment

Better grip, more protection

The Ambient Series 5 has a revised locking system that is longer than the previous one and has a refined knurling. This gives you a better grip. With a new quarter turn design that allows us to quickly and safely open and close the section locks with just a quarter turn.

The series 5 boom poles all have the anti-twist mechanism of the pole sections (intersectional anti-twist protection). The locking parts fall into two pieces when you disassemble your rod for cleaning or maintenance, which makes the job a lot easier and safer.

Ambient QuickPole Series 5 anti-twist mechanism. Image source: environment

No more fear of internal cables

With the new QuickPole Series 5, Ambient has also developed a new tip and a new optional lower end for easy, solderless internal cable retrofitting. All you need to do is remove the tip holder, insert the preconfigured internal wiring, and plug it into the bottom end. All parts for internal wiring can be purchased as options. There are two cable kits. Cable Kit # 1 has a coiled internal cable for shorter boom poles, mainly used for ENG and documentary filming. Cable set # 2 has a straight internal cable for longer extension poles, more commonly used on movie sets. Both cable kits are available in mono and stereo configurations.

Newly developed top and bottom system for internal retrofitting of cables. Image source: environment

Models, length and weight

There are 6 models from very short to ultra-long. The shortest QP550 is 550 mm (21.65 in) when folded, 1850 mm (72.83 in) long, and weighs 450 g (15.87 ounces). The longest QP5150 is 1550 mm (61.02 inches) long when folded, 6370 mm (250.79 inches) long, and weighs 1080 g (38.10 ounces). Four models that QP565, QP580, QP5100, QP5130 are in between.

QuickPole Series 5 line of models, length, and weight. Source: environmentThe QuickPole Series 5 Boom Pole product line. Image source: environment

For more information on the Ambient QuickPole Series 5 Boom Mast, visit the product website, including a very detailed product video.

Which boom bar are you using right now? Let us know your experience with your boom bar by leaving comments below. Not only does this help others, but it can also help the manufacturer improve their product.


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