An Irritable Creature Gives Practical WTF Advice in ‘How to Make the Best Coffee’
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The self-taught Chilean director, writer and VFX artist Tomás Vergara has shared his humorous, satirical new short film series with AWN. WTF-X, which provides normal hours of life for extraordinary CG creatures, each one begging the question, "What the hell?"

Vergara designed, animated, filmed, and starred throughout the series while in lockdown. In a short film, How To Make The Best Coffee, director Alton Brown channels on 11 as he shares key tips on a most sacred morning ritual. Grab your cup, coffee grinder and check it out!

As with many quirky, innovative new projects, the idea for the WTF-X series came to Vergara during the lockdown. “I spent endless hours without being able to leave my house and I realized this was the perfect opportunity to tell stories based on everyday situations,” he explains. "But that alone wasn't enough. I decided this had to make sense, that this had to last. So if I did something as educational as hysterical, we could step one foot into a bigger cause and hopefully contribute to it produce positive changes on a daily basis. "

“I see all of these cool VFX loops on Instagram, and that got me to think that as artists and technologists we have tremendous production power that could be used for something bigger than increasing the number of followers ", he adds. “Sharing valuable lessons could be a good place to start. This is how WTF-X came to life. "

Vergara is creatively driven by the pandemic and says of his series: “Trolls and creatures, frustrated and vulnerable. But above all with a voice that has something important to say. I had a BMPCC 4K gathering dust and then thought it was the perfect moment to combine it with seasoned Mayan skills and a flavorful language. What could be more instructive than that?

With four short films already released, including How to Make the Best Coffee, Vergara hints that more are on the way. According to the director, “Every story aims to contribute and get you to try new things that could make your day a little better. One after the other. The possibilities are endless. Creatures infinite. I can only say that there is more to come. "

In the future, Vergara plans to make the series accessible to everyone on the main social media platforms. He is inspired and determined to “convey a universal message, to share things that I wish I had learned as an adult, but never had access to or interest in it, not because of the subject, but because it presented so dryly has been. "

The second short film from the veteran of the film and advertising industry and the consecutive Vimeo Staff Pick, Isolated (2015) finally brought him the representation of an agency in Hollywood as well as a special appearance in Cannes Lions New Director & # 39; s Showcase. He then produced and directed the mini-series Isolated in Bangkok for Blackpills. He currently produces content remotely to create positive change by telling extraordinary stories in his boutique animation store. Peak pictures.

Click here to find them WTF-X Series on YouTube.

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