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Anastasiy releases MagicSquire 4.0

Wednesday, July 22, 2020 | Written by Jim Thacker

The developer of digital painting tools, Anastasiy Safari, has released MagicSquire 4.0, the latest version of its Photoshop brush organization plugin.

The update adds a new HUD mode, which allows the MagicSquire controls to be opened under the cursor and sticky brushes used to switch between them faster.

Create custom sub-palettes for your Photoshop brushes with a quick visual preview
MagicSquire was first published in 2016 and enables concept designers, illustrators and anyone else who works with a large number of custom Photoshop brushes to organize them in color-coded sub-palettes.

The plugin automatically generates thumbnails for each brush with a larger selection of line styles than Photoshop itself to visually distinguish them.

It also works with custom shapes and tool presets and includes a "Magic Eraser" feature that allows you to turn any tool preset into a custom eraser brush.

The users include some well-known conceptual artists such as Marc Simonetti and Craig Shoji.

New in MagicSquire 4.0: tags, collections and keyboard shortcuts
The changes in MagicSquire 4.0 include the new HUD mode, which was originally introduced in the sister plugin MagicPicker.

It contains all of the plugin's controls and is displayed anywhere on the screen under the cursor when the user clicks on the assigned pen button or key combination.

The update also introduces a new Sticky Brushes mode for commonly used brushes.

Once a brush has been marked as sticky, it is activated by pressing a key combination, while when the key is released, it is deactivated, making it easier to switch between brushes.

Other changes include the option to load multiple Photoshop .abr or .tpl brush files into a single group, and the option to search in closed groups of brushes or tags.

Pricing and availability
MagicSquire 4.0 is now available for Photoshop CS5 and higher on Windows and Mac OS X. It costs $ 19.

Read a full list of features in MagicSquire 4.0 on the product website

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