Antarctica – Raindance Film Festival Review

Antarctica tells the story of two best friends on the fringes of American high school society. One tries to adapt while the other remains isolated and her only companion is her own fearful drug-induced thoughts and hallucinations.

The film explores the timeless themes of youth, old age, love and relationships in a completely nuanced way. Kat and Janet embody "Generation Z", from their daily habits to their life choices. A one-time sexual encounter leads to rehab, while an impulsive violent outburst leads to a series of tragic drug-related events.

Antarctica perfectly untangles the problems that young people face in the modern world. including the big question "What is Reality?" The movie doesn't just go the typical way of figuring out what is reality by using social media, but also by using prescription drugs. Antarctica seamlessly captures and explores a spectrum of emotions, from fear to love and fear to forgiveness. This wide range of thematic explorations makes them universally appealing.

IT. Williams, BA Film and Film Studies, London College of Communication

Antartica will be streamed on November 4th and 6th.

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