Beastie Boys Story

Corona virus cancellations have started to affect SXSW Film, which lost the world premiere of Spike Jonze's "Beastie Boys Story".

Coronavirus fears have affected SXSW Film as Apple has decided to withdraw entirely from SXSW. This will preclude the premiere of the documentary "Beastie Boys Story" by Spike Jonze as well as the screenings of "Central Park" by Loren Bouchard, the inventor of "Bob & # 39; s Burgers", and the documentaries "Home". Sources close to the situation said that the Apple / A24 documentary "Boys State" may still be shown as it is not a world premiere, although talents may not be present.

Netflix is ​​also included. Variety reports that the screenings of "Uncorked" and the documentaries "A Secret Love", "L.A. Originals ”,“ Mucho Mucho Amor ”and“ Bon Voyage: Adventure in Psychedelics ”will no longer be present.

Earlier this week, Amazon Studios also pulled out of the event, which meant that Greg Daniel's science fiction show "Upload" and Matt Reeves and Nathaniel Halpern's "Tales From the Loop" were also not premiered at the festival.



The Apple termination presents Apple TV + with a challenging path for the upcoming release and for the brand in general. After the start in November and a fruitful award ceremony season, the up-and-coming streaming service trusted SXSW for its wide reach and receptive audience. "Central Park", which premiered at the Paramount Theater on March 13 with 1,200 seats, is the highly anticipated musical comedy by Loren Bouchard, the inventor of "Bob & # 39; s Burgers".

"Central Park"

Early looks were encouraging, but this was by no means an inexpensive production: Apple TV + needs the series to connect with animation fans, families, and a more general audience, which added to the credibility of SXSW's hip festival. "Home," a documentary that focuses on innovative homes, could have benefited from critics who reviewed the series outside the festival and additional interviews with reporters in Austin.

While the Emmys are still six months away, the FYC events have begun and selected SXSW events serve a dual purpose of raising awareness among the general public and Emmy voters alike. The Spike Jonze documentary “Beastie Boys Story” was to debut at the Paramount Theater and begin its Emmy run in Austin. Jonze should speak at a featured session before the premiere. Little America executive producers Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon had also canceled an award-winning discussion at the festival.

"The King of Staten Island"

At this time, Universal Studios are still planning to bring SXSW's opening film "The King of Staten Island" directed by Judd Apatow with Pete Davidson. Talent participation would be particularly important: Apatow is not just something like an SXSW opening mascot, but Apatow and Davidson are also supposed to open the SXSW Comedy Festival. This part of the SXSW conference begins immediately after the world premiere of their film with Apatow's moderated "The King of Staten Island Revue" with Pete Davidson, Bill Burr and Friends, which benefits the Friends of Firefighters Foundation.

Other companies that have canceled their SXSW participation include Facebook, Twitter, Intel, Mashable and Indeed. The Austin American-Statesman keeps a running list.

Other major studios that have not yet withdrawn from the festival are A24 ("Green Knight"), Orion Pictures ("Bad Trip") and Paramount ("The Lovebirds"). Kumail Nanjiani, co-star of "The Lovebirds", tweeted tonight that he was avoiding large crowds because his wife Emily V. Gordon was immunodeficient.

I love this script and everyone involved, but given the recent developments, I've decided to read from this table. I feel bad about it, but it's the only choice I can make. I am sure my successor will be someone who is talented and great in case you decide to leave.

– Kumail Nanjiani (@kumailn), March 5, 2020

On the afternoon of March 4, Austin-based Shyla Lee launched a petition asking for signatures to cancel the event. "I am concerned about the hundreds of thousands of people who will travel to Austin Texas for the SXSW Festival in March," she wrote. "I believe that such an event is irresponsible in the event of an outbreak. So far, SXSW has made no plans to cancel or postpone the festival. They have made no plans for how to prepare for the spread of the virus. Please think of the children, immunocompromised, older, diabetic, asthmatic (ETC) people who could die from it. “The petition currently has almost 46,000 signatures.

The SXSW Statistics Report for 2019 recorded approximately 417,400 people attending the SXSW Conference & Festivals (including music, technology and film), SXSW EDU and SXSW Gaming.

Dr. However, Mark Escott, provisional medical director and health officer of Austin Public Health, told the Austin statesman today that the cancellation of SXSW would not make the city safer from the virus.

"Today the risk of community expansion in Austin remains low, but we are prepared to do so here," he said. He added that it is not a question of whether, but when COVID-19 comes to Austin.

SXSW representatives did not respond to repeated requests for comments.

Additional reporting by Eric Kohn.

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