Arc Studio Pro Offers Free Screenwriting Software During the Covid-19 Crisis
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Among the other companies trying to help quarantined people, Arc Studio Pro offers its free scripting software.

While we get stuck inside and try to be productive, there are some companies that put people above profits. Arc Studio Pro joins their ranks and is now offering its program completely free for the entire duration of the Covid 19 outbreak.

We hope it's short … but if not … scripts!

Here is a message from your business partners:

Arc Studio Pro offers free screenwriting software during the Covid 19 crisis

This is obviously great news for writers around the world. One thing I really like about Arc Studio Pro is that it's very focused on driving the story forward– –You can use it to sketch, write scripts and even create note cards.

Arc Studio Pro automatically formats your script according to industry standards, even if you don't know what it is. It is very easy to use for beginners and fully customizable for professionals.

main features

  • Fully automated page layout and industry-standard text formatting
  • Import and export Final Draft, PDF and Fountain
  • Use intuitive shortcuts to format your text perfectly and effortlessly
  • The most advanced auto-completion on the market: character names and sluglines are automatically populated for you to enable faster typing and consistent naming.
  • The items are selected for you based on the most likely items and can be configured.

Check out everything Arc Studio Pro has to offer for authors on his website!


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