Hi folks, I started doing a series of VFX tutorials for archers.
First tutorial here:

All the lessons are in Russian, but I do subtitles for each video. And that's the most boring thing for me.

I'm also posting my demo on Patreon so you don't have to work with animations and scripts. Just start making an impact. You can download my scene for free:

You can use this demo, floor material, shaders, scripts and UI icons
In your commercial games or projects, all but content will be resold in pure form! If you have not subscribed to my Patreon page, you must also include my only social network in your gaming balance. For example Twitter, Patreon, YouTube, Unity Connect.

I will update this post with the release of any new YouTube tutorial or VFX breakdown.

Fill out for free to ask questions in this post. I will also be very happy when I see your effects :blush:: star_struck:: star_struck:: star_struck:


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