Archiemage's Sketchbook - Real Time VFX

Ok, I decided to make this sketchbook to practice some VFX this year. It's more of a hobby that is done in small, consistent steps in leisure time.
The main focus is on making as many mistakes as possible, starting and ending things, sharing, learning and hopefully showing some progress over time.
Particle simulations performed in Cascade for Unreal Engine 4.

Do you know any cool thing When you think of heroes, 2D VFX animation looks like wizards – the power of magic seems to come spontaneously and instead of relying on complex incantations, they need to feel it in order for it to come naturally (aside from being at the beginning of the Day do not have to remember)).

Real-time VFX, on the other hand, seems to be a magician – always looking for knowledge and study of things like: elements, power words, and reagents that mix into complicated formulas and create spells that can challenge the mortal mind. Also, go in a group to share and look for the next addition to your grimoire.

Despite the similarity to these things (and tabletop roleplaying games), all of the fan art here is made for fun. It is a beautiful craft that deserves admiration for its own challenges and for the talent of the artists who work with it.

Hope this can be useful for you.

Very basic steps started with what was shared here on the website.

Welcome to the real-time VFX website! If you are a vfx student, an indie developer, a new enthusiast / hobbyist, or maybe a current developer looking to move on to FX then this is the thread for you! As more people join the site, there has definitely been an increase in questions and topics asking how to get started. Feel free to post your questions and look for feedback here. However, this thread is meant to help brand new people who have little to no experience.


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