Are Angenieux EZ Zoom Lenses a Documentary Filmmaker's Dream?
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Angenieux's EZ series zoom lenses are packed with features that appear tailored for documentary filmmakers. So they can benefit your next shoot.

Thanks to the full screen functions, the optical sharpness and the high image quality, the zoom lenses of the type EZ series from Angenieux enjoy a high reputation with filmmakers everywhere. The EZ-1 and EZ-2 could be a dream combination especially for documentary filmmakers.

Before we dive into the benefits of the EZ series, there is a little more you should learn with this lens test from LensProToGo.

Documentary content wants to be shot on zoom lenses, especially when rolling the gun where it's important to quickly change the focal length without changing glasses. The EZ series has an enormous focal length range over the two-lens set, which together offer almost the entire focal length range – from 15 mm up to 90 mm.

The EZ series: features for documentary filmmakers

This lightweight, versatile lens is ideal for small documentaries. Image via Angenieux.

The Angenieux Type EZ series – the EZ-1 and EZ-2 – hit shelves in 2016. When it comes to light and full-frame cinema zooms, there's not much to compare as options are pretty limited. These versatile zooms have a long list of features that make them ideal for a wide variety of small productions and documentaries.

Interchangeable rear brackets

Full-frame sensors are quickly becoming the new normal. However, when it comes to full screen cinematic zoom lens options, choices are pretty limited. The EZ series solves this problem and offers a full-frame lens set with a replaceable rear mount. You can quickly switch these lenses from an S35 mount to a full-frame mount. That versatility is paramount as so many films and projects are migrated to a more comprehensive workflow.

Perhaps the best part is that these lens mounts are user-replaceable. This means that you can quickly change your frame directly on set (see image below) without having to send the lens to the manufacturer.

Exceptional image quality and sharpness

Angenieux glass is widely known for its exceptional image quality and sharpness. The EZ series is no different.

The absence of lens breathing with minimal vignetting plus a T / 2 on S35 and a T / 3 on FF ensure that this lens can be used for any type of project or production. The lens has a fine sharpness that is wide open at T / 2. However, if you stop, the sharpness definitely increases. If you have the opportunity to stop up to a T / 4, you will quickly notice this increased sharpness.

While some reviews mention that the EZ zooms don't have the same optical quality as the Optimo line, they can still be cut and are pretty complementary options. See for yourself in this beautiful clip by Matthew Allard, ACS, captured with both the EZ-1 16-40mm T2 and the Optimo Style 30-76mm T.


There is no other way to put it: Angenieux glass is expensive. The most affordable lenses start at over $ 10,000. Fortunately, for documentary filmmakers on a budget, rental is always a good option.

Here are a few more resources for video equipment chosen for your documentation workflow:

Cover picture via Angenieux.


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