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Oliver Peters reviews iZotope RX 8 for ProVideo Coalition. In the review, Oliver talks about how RX is an audio editor plus plugins and explains how RX 8 works in Premiere Pro and FCP X, as well as other NLEs. He goes through the new features in version 8. Then he goes to the “real heavy lifting” and talks about the repair assistant and the music rebalance. He also dives into the EQ Match and Batch Processor.

The entire iZotope product line forms a comprehensive audio toolkit. RX 8 is most relevant to video editors and audio post engineers. It's a tool that will also benefit podcasters and vloggers. In short, anyone dealing with conversational material. RX 8 is the latest version of a product that is constantly being improved. There are certainly competing plug-in packages out there that offer similar filters to individual plug-ins. However, nothing on the market is as comprehensive in a single audio clean, repair, and restore tool as the iZotope RX 8.

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iZotope RX 8

Launch campaign for iZotope RX 8 & Post Production Suite 5 – until October 14, 2020

The industry standard for audio repair

Specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of post production professionals, RX 8 Advanced continues to be the industry standard audio repair tool for movies and TV shows that restores damaged, noisy audio to pristine condition. Trusted by the world's leading audio professionals, RX 8 continues to lead advances in audio processing and machine learning that were previously unimaginable.

RX 8 Advanced RX 8 standard RX elements

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iZotope RX Post Production Suite iZotope RX Post Production Suite

Launch campaign for iZotope RX 8 & Post Production Suite 5 – until October 14, 2020

Repair, mix, deliver

RX Post Production Suite 5 is equipped with industry-standard tools and plug-ins to deliver flawless, professional audio. It includes the flagship of the RX 8 Advanced repair suite, modern vowel processing and mixing tools like Nectar 3 and Melodyne 5 Essential, and versatile mixing tools like Neutron 3 Advanced. It also includes key world-class reverb tools such as Dialogue Match, Symphony 3D, and Stratus 3D. Helpful utilities like Insight 2, Relay, RX Loudness Control and Tonal Balance Control 2 round off the entire arsenal of post-production performance.

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