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Cory Choy with Post Perspective takes a look at iZotope RX 8 Advanced with a focus on Spectral Recovery. Can it really "turn grainy, inarticulate recordings into crisp, clear conversations"? In a world full of Zoom and ZOIP calling, this can be extremely helpful. Cory also goes over some of the other new features that have been added.

Here is an excerpt from the review:

RX 8 isn't the most extensive of all RX updates (like the one that introduced Ambience Match) for post-sound professionals. It's a major update, however, and if you make a living editing and mixing audio for film, television, and radio, I think it's worth the upgrade price. If you are low on cash, you can probably keep your copy of RX 7 a little longer and see what RX 9 has to offer.

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RX 8 Advanced

Specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of post production professionals, RX 8 Advanced continues to be the industry-standard audio repair tool for movies and TV shows that restores damaged, noisy audio to pristine condition. Trusted by the world's leading audio professionals, RX 8 continues to lead advances in audio processing and machine learning that were previously unimaginable.

In RX 8 we give you more control over your audio. Use Spectral Recovery to recover discarded frequencies in audio from compressed live streams or video calls, or use the brand new Wow & Flutter module to correct pitch shift in music recordings. Break out the guitar de-noise to streamline your guitar recordings, an even more powerful Music Rebalance for separating stems and mix optimizations, and the revised Loudness Control module. Unleash the redesigned batch processor for all types of audio to edit, reformat and export multiple files at once.

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