Help create a smoke simulation!
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Hi Guys. I need to implement physically correct smoke in Unity and I want to ask you how can I achieve this. I was able to find information that the old particle system supported colliders and particles did not get through objects. However, since the old particle system runs on the CPU, there is an additional load that does not have a very positive effect on the CPU performance.
There is also a VFX diagram in Unity that already works on the GPU. With its help, you can create beautiful smoke. However, in terms of physics, it says it can only work with a depth buffer. I searched for information on implementing physics in VFX Graph using a depth buffer and found almost nothing but one on the Unity forum ( Sweat -collisions.824163 /) When a person shows their results there is also a post on Reddit (there should be a link here but the site only allows one new user to add 2 links) which is also not very informative .
And most importantly, I found a video where a person shows the implementation of water on the VFX diagram using a depth map (
However, I haven't found any information about working with the depth buffer in VFX Graph and Unity. What can you advise? How can I implement physically correct smoke? Can you have any ideas for implementation? I heard that the standard system can be optimized with ECS, but couldn't find any more information about it.


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