New at Toolfarm Audio Design Desk - Sound Design Reimagined
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We are excited to add Audio Design Desk to our business. We have demonstrated the product ourselves over the past few weeks and it is really impressive. Whether you are creating movie trailers, bumpers and television work, motion graphics, your demo role, or even social media posts, you will love this tool!

Would you like to see a live demo of ADD?

Attend our online meeting of the Toolfarm Motion Designers & Animators Group tomorrow evening on Discord with special guest Gabriel Cowan from the Audio Design Desk. It gives you an overview of what this amazing tool can do. As always, it's free and open to everyone in the world.

More information

Audio design desk

Sound design reinterpreted – Comes with 25,000 sounds and music cues!

When budgets are tight and deadlines are tight, don't let technology stop you from being the best. Audio Design Desk is designed to get the technology out of your way.

Audio Design Desk turns your computer keyboard into an instrument that lets you perform sound design elements such as hits, climbs, steps, punches and shots in real time while you watch your video.

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