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Introducing Audiomodern Chordjam 1.5 – a game-changing real-time compositional tool available for Mac, Windows, and iPad. Fueled by intuitive user-guided randomization, Chordjam empowers you to build rich chord structures and innovative progression patterns that will take your music to new heights. Forget the mundane, Chordjam serves up endlessly unique and musically pleasing variations by randomizing a combination of parameters. With Chordjam, you have the freedom to experiment and explore the many possibilities of sound composition in a fun, interactive way. Join the ranks of the most innovative musicians and take your creativity to the next level with Audiomodern Chordjam.

Audiomodern Chordjam 1.5 features the Audiomodern presets and packs manager system. Chordjam comes with a large collection of built-in presets and expansion packs.
In addition, check out the new Bend Chords (MPE), a highly user-requested feature.

This update is free to existing license holders of Chordjam.

Chordjam 1.5 Introductory Pricing

Now through June 8, 2023, save $10 on new licenses of Chordjam!

Audiomodern Chordjam

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Creative real-time compositional assistant for Mac, Windows and iPad

Audiomodern Chordjam is a tool that helps you effortlessly build chords and progression patterns. What’s cool about it is that it offers an intuitive user-guided randomization feature. By using this, the app automatically generates countless unique combinations of parameters which are then transformed into unexpected but always highly musical variations. This means that every time you use Chordjam, you’ll get a completely new and fresh sound that’s sure to inspire your creativity. Say goodbye to monotonous and repetitive music-making and say hello to endless possibilities with Chordjam!

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