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The Autodesk Vision series consists of 3 days of virtual presentations and panels on the future of the industry, straight from the minds of the thought leaders and customers of Autodesk. This includes more than 15 hours of free content, more than 40 industry game changers and endless learning opportunities!

In Autodesk Vision | there are 4 ranges series that you can choose from.

  • Film, television and games
  • Cloud and collaboration
  • Design visualization
  • Navigating a changing world

Receive exclusive technical previews on how to get the most out of your Autodesk tools, studio-guided deep dives to explore industry workflows, and practical guides on how to navigate a changing world.

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Autodesk announces the Vision Series schedule Updated

August 17, 2020 – SAN RAFAEL, CA – The Autodesk Vision series, traditionally held in person during the annual SIGGRAPH conference, is online this year and will take place on September 9th, 10th and 11th. Autodesk recently unveiled the full schedule of free sessions that will give attendees an insight into the latest technologies, trends, and techniques that are driving content creation for film, television, games, and design visualization. The series will also include hands-on discussions on navigating a changing world, freelance work, and creating change in times of turmoil.

The following is a look at the current schedule. To register, visit:

Wednesday September 9th

9:00 am PT – Maya: Faster rigging and animation workflows

The ability for artists to animate faster and with no creative limits was central to the recent Maya updates. In this session, we'll pull the curtain back to see how artists from Walt Disney Imagineering, ILM, Naughty Dog, and Build a Rocket Boy use the latest animation and rigging workflows in production.

10:00 am PT – light, cameras, FX: Explore what is possible with Bifrost

Find out about the latest additions to Bifrost's portable visual programming framework and what's on the agenda.

11:00 am PT – Shotgun: Developing for the Future

Remote collaboration and security in the cloud are more important than ever in today's world. In this session, you will learn how security, tracking, integration and automation in Shotgun evolved to meet the changing needs of the industry, and how Shotgun plans to evolve for the future, regardless of what that means.

12:00 p.m. PT – 3ds Max: Open Standards and Next Generation Viewport Framework

Join the 3ds Max team on a journey through the modernization of the 3ds Max viewport. Learn how the team builds a decoupled, open, and extensible graphics framework that supports modern graphics APIs and is based on open source technologies.

1:00 p.m. PT – Take on Complexity: GPU Rendering, USD, and Scalability with Arnold

From the Arnold GPU to the latest USD components, learn how the latest updates for Arnold enable studios like Rising Sun Pictures to tackle some of the most complex projects on today's big and small screen.

2:00 p.m. PT – Impossible post-production with flame

See how flame artists make the impossible possible. Get an overview of the latest developments for Flame, including tools to automate and improve your VFX work using AI.

Thursday September 10th

10:00 am PT – Between Arch Viz, athletic shoes, and fruit salads

Learn about ALTSHIFT's journey to building a dope design studio and their experiences with weird projects, weird customers, and unexpected inquiries.

11:00 a.m. PT – Open Source at Autodesk: USD, MaterialX and OpenColorIO

Open source projects play a crucial role in the creation of film and TV content. Immerse yourself in Autodesk's open source projects and working with technology partners and creative studios, including working on the USD plug-in for Maya, MaterialX and OpenColorIO.

2.00 p.m. PT – further development and automation of planning and resource optimization at LAIKA

Discuss the studio's new approach to planning complex feature film productions with the LAIKA team and Shotgun's Phil Peterson. Learn about the challenges, solutions, and future opportunities in planning and automation, and gain insight into the tools and techniques that support their approach.

Friday September 11th

9:00 am PT – Future-Proof Studio: Best Practices for Modern Creative Studios

Shotgun clients in film, TV, gaming and VR share how they use Shotgun to adapt their workflows for the future of media creation and demonstrate the importance of Shotgun in creating a “virtual studio” for remote work in recent months was.

10:00 am PT – WIA presents: Women who work in virtual production

How can we use virtual production when a large part of the film industry is working from home? What are the chances for women who are just starting their careers? In this panel moderated by Jinko Gotoh, producer Netflix hear from Women in Animation and VFX about the benefits, challenges and the blue skies of the future.

11:00 am PT – The role of the artist: creating in times of unrest

In times of turmoil, we look to art for hope and inspiration. Listen as artists join in an open storytelling conversation and show the world as it is, even in challenging times.

12:00 PM PT – Success as a freelancer

Have you ever dreamed of working for yourself and being your own boss? With Autodesk and a group of current and past professional freelance artists, discuss their experiences and career paths, thoughts on freelance art, and advice on navigating industry shifts.

Autodesk Maya

Do it with Maya Computer Animation Software

Maya® 3D software for animation, modeling, simulation and rendering. It offers an integrated, powerful toolset. Use it for animation, environments, motion graphics, virtual reality and character creation.

Learn more

Autodesk Media and Entertainment Collection Autodesk Media and Entertainment Collection

End-to-end creative tools for creating entertainment programs

With the Media & Entertainment Collection, animators, modelers and artists can access the tools they need for visual effects. They use one-click workflows to create convincing effects, believable 3D characters and huge digital worlds.

Learn more

Autodesk Arnold Render Autodesk Arnold Render

Arnold is an advanced Monte Carlo ray tracing renderer that meets feature-length animation and visual effects needs. In fact, Sony Pictures co-developed Imageworks Arnold and it is now their main renderer. In addition, over 300 studios worldwide use Arnold, including ILM, Framestore, MPC, The Mill, and Digic Pictures.

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Autodesk 3ds max Autodesk 3ds max

3D modeling, animation and rendering software for games and design visualization

Model your vision down to the smallest detail! 3ds Max offers a comprehensive and flexible toolset that allows you to create premium designs with full artistic control.

Create huge worlds in games
Visualize high quality architectural renderings
Model finely detailed interiors and objects
Bring characters and functions to life with animation and VFX

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