Autodesk Maya 2020.4 and Maya LT 2020.4
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Autodesk released Maya 2020.4 with a deeper integrated Bifrost. It supports Mayan curves. In addition, it now includes Graph Shape Nodes, Fields System and a Scatter Pack. There are also volume improvements and fabric and thin shell simulations. In addition, they updated the aero solver.

Maya 2020.4 marks an important milestone for Bifrost visual programming for Maya. With the aim of bringing richer procedural workflows to more areas of your pipeline, we've added powerful Scatter, Instancing, Volume Measurement and FX functionality to Bifrost. This update also brings you the latest version of Arnold for faster and more creative rendering, as well as improvements to the Motion Library and Substance plugins.

Introduction to Maya 2020.4

In summary, it can be said that in Maya 2020.4 the Bifrost functions have been expanded and expanded. In addition, Maya curves can now be drawn directly into Bifrost diagrams, stored there and converted into Bifrost strands. Bifrost charts now contain bifrostGraphShapes.

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Maya 2020.4 Release Notes

Welcome to the Maya 2020.4 update! This version contains a major update of the Bifrost extension for Maya as well as the new plug-ins Rokoko Motion Library, Substance and Arnold for Maya. In addition to these new features, the Release Notes page provides a detailed list of the issues that have been resolved.

Maya 2020.4 is the latest in a series of updates, with the focus still on creating more artist-friendly tools and experiences. For more information on how Maya has evolved over the years, see the Maya Timeline in Autodesk AREA.

Bifrost Extension for Maya

Bifrost includes deeper, more powerful Maya integration, improved usability and new features in the areas of dispersion, instantiation, volume measurement and FX. See the Bifrost Release Notes for a list of features and bug fixes included in this version.

Remember that you can always download the latest version of Bifrost by visiting the Bifrost Download Center.

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