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Autodesk releases RV 7.8

Saturday, July 18, 2020 | Written by Jim Thacker

Originally released on October 2, 2019. Scroll down to get news about the 7.8 update.

Autodesk has released RV 7.5, the latest version of the image viewer and display system that incorporates the Shotgun production tracking system.

The update aligns RV with the VFX reference platform and offers support for Qt 5, the current version of the GUI toolkit, and PySide 2, its Python binding.

A powerful image viewer and playback system for VFX and animation production
RV was originally developed by Tweak Software and taken over by Autodesk in 2015. It is a powerful image viewer and playback system designed for VFX and animation work.

Version 7.5, referred to as the "major update" on the Shotgun blog, does not add any new features, but makes RV the newest application for compliance with the VFX reference platform.

The platform, which is monitored and updated annually by the Visual Effects Society, specifies which versions of the most important open source libraries should be integrated into the VFX software in order to minimize conflicts between apps.

Both Foundry and SideFX adhere to the specifications in their product versions, as does the other software from Autodesk.

In the case of RV, the big change is the support for Qt 5.12, the version of the GUI toolkit specified in VFX Reference Platform CY2019, and the Python binding PySide 2.

The release notes say, “Every aspect of RVs is affected by this port. Custom packages may need to be ported to Qt 5.12 and PySide2 to work with this version. "

In addition, RV and RV-SDI, which provide SDI editions for use in daily newspaper screening rooms, are now provided in the same executable.

Updated April 2020: RV 7.7 is now being delivered. The update provides support for Blackmagic Design digital camera manufacturers and AJA's current SDKs.

Since we last wrote about the software, Autodesk has also implemented support for the Apple ProRes and DNxHR codecs for media playback: an important user requirement.

Updated July 16, 2020: RV 7.8 is now being delivered. The update introduces a new progressive loading system that allows users to play individual media clips without having to wait for an entire playlist to load.

Autodesk says users can start playing 7-10 times faster than before. The demo video shows the time until the first pixel cut from seven minutes to 58 seconds for a set of 1,520 clips.

Pricing and system requirements
RV 7.8 is available for Windows, Linus and macOS. A floating or node-locked RV Solo Perpetual License costs $ 299. Further independent prices can be found here.

A Shotgun subscription costs $ 30 / account / month for an "Awesome" account and $ 50 / account / month for a "Super Awesome" account, which offers additional security and support options. Both include RVs.

Read more about RV 7.5 on the Shotgun blog

Read a complete list of new features in RV in the online documentation

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