Autodesk ships Maya 2020.3 and Maya LT 2020.3
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Autodesk ships Maya 2020.3 and Maya LT 2020.3

Thursday, October 8, 2020 | Written by Jim Thacker

Autodesk has released Maya 2020.3 and Maya LT 2020.3, the latest updates to the full and reduced editions of its 3D modeling and animation software.

Both editions improve the animation and rigging workflow, including the option to merge base animation layers when importing one scene into another, as well as updates to Skin Weight Painting and HumanIK.

Outside of the core application, Maya 2020.3 ships with Bifrost for Maya 2.1, the latest version of the Multiphysics plug-in, and updated versions of the Maya-to-Arnold and Rococo motion capture plug-ins.

Maya 2020.3 and Maya LT 2020.3: Improved animation and rigging workflow
Both editions get new animation features, including the option to merge the base animation layer of the imported file with that of the parent scene when one scene is imported into another.

Autodesk describes this as saving time when importing large numbers of assets, such as B. in the shot layout.

Updates to existing functionality include better instance filtering in the Paint Skin Weights tool. The filtering now works just like in the Outliner, without having to enter special characters to isolate influences.

In addition, when the Paint Skin Weights tool is selected, the selection mode is now automatically switched to vertices of faces or edges, so that you can start painting weights immediately.

The Human IK solver is getting a new slider to reduce neck movement, which is shown in the image above in the story.

It works the same as its counterpart in MotionBuilder, averaging motion between a character's neck and chest to dampen excessive neck movement during mocap movements with insufficient capture data.

The diagram editor has a new option, "Show Animated Shapes", which determines whether the editor shows animation curves for all nodes after the selected node or only for the node itself.

Maya 2020.3 only: enhanced FBX and HIKC export
Maya 2020.3 also has some features that are not included in Maya LT 2020.3, including support for Autodesk's standard rendereragostic surface shader when importing or exporting FBX files.

Studios that continue to use the gameware middleware discontinued by Autodesk can re-export .hikc files in a format that gameware can read after a compatibility change in Maya 2018.

The script editor gets a few workflow improvements, including the option to right-click to create, rename, or delete tabs.

Studios working with Maya on Windows can now also get crash error reports by using the new MAYA_USER_CER_APP environment variable to write custom executables.

Updates for the Maya to Arnold, Bifrost and Rokoko plugins
Outside of the core application, Maya users get Bifrost for Maya 2.1, the latest version of the Multiphysics plug-in, which adds new queries to scene geometry and improves Alembic support.

We covered version 2.1 when it was released in July. Please see this story for more information.

MtoA, the Maya integration plug-in for Autodesk's Arnold renderer, is being updated slightly, as is the Rococo motion library integration plug-in that was added in Maya 2020.1.

Prices and availability
Maya 2020.3 is only available on a rental basis for Windows 7/10, RHEL / CentOS 7.3-7.7 Linux and macOS 10.13+. Full subscriptions are $ 205 / month or $ 1,620 / year.

Autodesk recently launched indie subscriptions for Maya users in select countries making less than $ 100,000 a year. They cost around $ 295 a year depending on what country you live in.

Maya LT 2020.3 is only available on a rental basis for Windows 7/10 and macOS 10.13+. Subscriptions are $ 35 / month or $ 265 / year.

For a full list of what's new in Maya 2020.3, see the online release notes

For a full list of what's new in Maya LT 2020.3, see the online release notes

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