AutoMAT makes Marmoset Toolbag materials for you
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AutoMAT makes Marmoset Toolbag materials for you

Thursday, September 10, 2020 | Written by Jim Thacker

Check out AutoMAT, a cute 3-euro plug-in from 3D artist Luciano Laudani that (partially) automates the process of building materials in Toolbag, Marmoset's popular look developer, and real-time rendering toolset.

According to Laudani, the add-on is "designed to work with even the most chaotic scenes," by figuring out which texture map goes where and assembling them into game machine-ready PBR materials.

Batch process folder of texture maps in PBR materials in toolbag
AutoMAT actually came out earlier this summer, but we didn't discover it until this week when Marmoset added it to its official library of toolbag add-ons.

The plugin speeds up setting up 3D assets for preview, takes folders with texture maps and batches them into materials in Toolbag.

Users simply select a texture folder and one of six pre-set material types: native metallic / roughness and mirror / gloss PBR materials or those from the game engines Unity, UE4 and CryEngine / Lumberyard.

AutoMAT then searches the filenames in the texture folder for text strings such as "Base Color" and "Normal" and uses them to assign shaders to maps for each subnet in the scene.

You can choose how the plugin resolves multiple matching textures. and each material channel can be viewed individually to verify that the correct card has been applied.

If no matching map is found, AutoMAT displays a checkermap texture on the model.

While it's not a magic bullet – it doesn't handle typos, for example – says Laudani, "As long as your texture names have a pattern in place, there's probably a way to get them to work."

The plugin also includes a number of other useful settings, including the option to switch all normal cards in a scene from DirectX to OpenGL.

Pricing and system requirements
AutoMat is available for Toolbag 3.08, although Laudani says it should work with earlier versions of the software as well. It costs € 3 (about $ 3.50).

Further information on AutoMAT can be found in the plugin's wiki

Buy AutoMAT from the Lucum Laudani Gumroad Store

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