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With over 318,000 postal ballot papers rejected in the 2016 US election, Away baggage brand urges you to travel to your registered voting location and ensure your voice is heard in 2020.

Hornet: “Travel has always been at the heart of Away's brand identity. However, this campaign expands the message to travel with a specific destination. It will travel in the name of democracy. As the film says, "It could be the most important journey you will ever take."

"Away came to us inspired by animation styles they saw on Hornet's Instagram Originals page – a collection of independent and original animations created by our team of artists to showcase their skills and express their creativity.

"Directed by Natalie Labarre and animated by her together with Hornet's own Sami Healy and Seongjin Yoon, we created the 60-second commercial within a very tight three-week turnaround."

Natalie Labarre, Director and Animator for Hornet: “It was an exciting design challenge to work within a limited palette and graphical constraints that are reminiscent of a protest poster aesthetic. These limitations also turned out to be a fun way to play around with these types of morphing transitions. "

Away Travel the Vote by Natalie Labarre and Hornet | STASH MAGAZINE

Away Travel the Vote by Natalie Labarre and Hornet | STASH MAGAZINE

Away Travel the Vote by Natalie Labarre and Hornet | STASH MAGAZINE

Away Travel the Vote by Natalie Labarre and Hornet | STASH MAGAZINE

Customer: way
Creative Directors: Marcus Johnston, Julie Matheny
Design Director: Nate Blower
Senior Graphic Designer: Justin Tang
Director of Creative Services: Stephanie Thiel
Senior Creative Services Manager: Stacey McMaster
Production manager: Laura Lepre
Senior Creative Producer: Amanda Weidman
Senior Vice President, Brand Marketing: Selena Kalvaria
Vice President, Brand Marketing: Alexis Pagis
Brand Director: Julia Nathan
Senior Brand Manager: Lily Chappell

Production: Hornet
Director: Natalie Labarre
Managing director: Hana Shimizu
Production Manager: Greg Bedard
Head of Creative Development: Kristin Labriola
Executive producer: Hana Shimizu
Executive producer: Dez Stavracos
Associate Producer: Nico Benenati, Riley Spencer
Managing Editor: Anita Chao
Editor: Hyeseung Kim
Storyboard artist: Natalie Labarre
Designer: Natalie Labarre, Seongjin Yoon
Animator: Sami Healy, Natalie Labarre and Seongjin Yoon
Composer: Seongjin Yoon

Audio: Squeak E. Clean
Sound design / mix: Stuart Welch
Producer: Nicholas Doering
VO Artist: Jaime Lamchick


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