Designuary Challenge at Toolfarm
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The Designuary Challenge on the Toolfarm is a month long challenge to start the year with some creativity. It runs from January 1 to January 31, 2021.

How Designuary works at Toolfarm

The prompts: We have a list of prompts. Each word is associated with a number, which is the day of the month.

Design: On this day, create something inspired by this word. There are no rules. You can create whatever you are inspired to do in whatever medium you want. If you are an illustrator, you draw something. Are you a motion designer? Create something that moves. Are you a 3D artist? Model something creative. If you are a composer, you write music. Photographer? Take a picture. You can even use non-digital artist tools. You get the picture (or the sound). You do you

Upload Your creation on social media. It can be Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, wherever you want. Describe your work of art and mark it with:

#designuarytf #toolfarm

That's it. Design it, upload it, and tag it with a hashtag. Oh my!

Designuary Challenge on the Toolfarm: The prompts

  1. Pasta
  2. cloudy
  3. geometry
  4. parasite
  5. symphonic
  6. the coast
  7. yellow
  8. wild
  9. Bird's eye view
  10. vintage
  11. the future
  12. boredom
  13. Crunk
  14. echo
  15. awaken from a dream
  16. the moon
  1. Mad scientist
  2. metamorphosis
  3. tattoo
  4. birthday
  5. Number one
  6. freezing
  7. revolution
  8. cheesy
  9. Syringes
  10. funky
  11. midnight
  12. anxiety
  13. lonliness
  14. Having lunch
  15. entangled

Why join Designuary at Toolfarm?

Oh let's make a list, shall we?

  1. It is fun.
  2. It lets your creative juices flow through the darkest month of the year (at least in the northern hemisphere).
  3. Try something new!
  4. This is a great way to share something that you've created that isn't meant for a customer.
  5. See what other people are creating with the same prompts!
  6. Get more familiar with your software. Learn some new tricks and techniques!

We hope you play along when you have the time. There is no obligation. If you can only attend a day or two, that's fine. No pressure.


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