Learn Everything You Need to Know About the RØDECaster Pro
Rodecaster Pro 0.jpg

RØDE starts a learning node for its RØDECaster Pro device.

The RØDECaster Pro is a complete solution for creating dynamic podcasts with features that make recording a podcast easy and accessible for all skill levels.

With four XLR inputs offering phantom power and separate headphone jacks for each input, podcasters can easily set up a show with multiple hosts or guests. The device has an intuitive mixer, channel faders and an output for monitoring the sound via speakers. Better still, it has a microSD card and USB slot that you can use to record audio directly on the go, or you can plug it into a computer to record the audio in your favorite DAW like Audacity or Adobe SoundBooth.

There is always a learning curve when buying new equipment. For this reason, RØDE did the users a favor and started a hub for everything RØDECaster Pro related.

The website covers all the important topics like setup, recording, live streaming, export and advanced options like using the sound pads and effects. By selecting a topic in the drop-down menu, RØDE will guide you step by step through the clarification of all questions and give you professional tips.

If you already own a RØDECaster Pro, it is definitely worth checking out the Learning Hub to see if you can get something new.

For those looking to improve their podcasting game, the RØDECaster Pro is a great, versatile tool, available for $ 599.


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