Exquisite Shorts, a New Model for Online Shorts Programming, Launched by Sophy Romvari
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Canadian filmmaker Sophy Romvari (who previously wrote for the filmmaker) has announced the launch of a new short online festival. Exquisite Shorts was developed to create a new short filmmaker model that pays for their work and allows the public to watch for free. The newly launched crowdfunding campaign explains how online screening works:

Filmmaker 1 → Selects a short film from a pool of submissions that they love, that have inspired them, or that they think they could use a platform. The filmmaker making the selection records an introductory video that plays before the selected film and explains the reasons for the selection.

Filmmaker 2 → You are the filmmaker selected by Filmmaker 1! You repeat the same as above and select the next film in the program.

And so on …

The festival will limit entry fees to five Canadian dollars, ignore premiere status, and otherwise try to rethink the programming practices of the short film festival. The crowdfunding campaign launched yesterday to cover the first launch with the aim of “enabling this program to pay all participating filmmakers a fair screening fee and a curation fee” can be found here.


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