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Betty Gilpin wrote a laudatory speech for Netflix's "GLOW" and praised the work of the show's creative team and their colleagues.

Working on "GLOW" was the high point of Betty Gilpin's career, according to the star of Netflix's recently canceled series who praised the show in one piece for Vanity Fair on Wednesday.

Gilpin praised the work of her colleagues and the show's creative team in the article, particularly "GLOW" creators Liz Flahive and Carly Mesch, for which Gilpin found she had an opportunity to act that she would be forever grateful for.

“In a panic that I could never make a living as an actor, I dodged a show a decade ago where you saw my areolas before you saw my face. To avoid eye contact with the ancestral spirits, I valiantly signed up to press all four pictures of my flaw against the lens to raise money for chipotle and weed while the other actors did real scenes in between, ”Gilpin said in her Vanity Fair article. “But there were two dilapidated playwright-genius women in the writing room who broke the Bro's mandate and slowly turned the role into a confused character actor rather than an inflatable doll in an attempt to improve the ratings. Then, years later, three days before my wedding, these two ladies gave me & # 39; GLOW & # 39 ;. "



Gilpin also praised a handful of other talents on the show, including Marc Maron and Chris Lowell, who they described as "two perfect guys I will love forever."

Gilpin, who won three consecutive Emmy nominations for Best Supporting Actress for her work on "GLOW," is the show's latest talent at talking about its recent cancellation, which Netflix announced on Monday.

Maron pleaded with Netflix on Tuesday so that the "GLOW" team could close the show – which had previously been renewed for a fourth and final season – with a two-hour television movie, while Flahive and Mesch Deadline said creating "GLOW" was the best job they ever had.

"GLOW" received critical acclaim over its three seasons, the last of which premiered in August 2019. IndieWires Ben Travers hailed the show as an "incredible triumph" in his recap of season three last year.

"Amid the nuanced character work and meaningful messaging," GLOW "is still having a great time," Travers said in his review. "There's an episode where every wrestler swaps personas or creates new ones for an impromptu match. There's a desert camping trip and a father-daughter trip to Hollywood. There's an underground ball held as an AIDS fundraiser – filled with rich performances – and even a Christmas special. "GLOW" never sacrifices lively entertainment at the expense of influencing the drama or vice versa, which is even more impressive when you consider how good this creative team is at doing both. "

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